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49-31-104 Telephone solicitation account established.
     49-31-104.   Telephone solicitation account established. There is hereby established in the state treasury, the telephone solicitation account. Unless otherwise provided by law, this fund consists of all fees and fines imposed pursuant to §§ 49-31-99 to 49-31-108, inclusive, designated for deposit in the fund. The fund shall be maintained separately and administered by the commission to implement and administer provisions of this chapter. Any interest earned on money in the fund shall be deposited in the fund. Expenditures from the fund shall be budgeted through the normal budget process. Unexpended funds and interest shall remain in the fund until appropriated by the Legislature. Any expenditure from the fund shall be disbursed on warrants drawn by the state auditor and shall be supported by vouchers approved by the commission.

Source: SL 2003, ch 238, § 5; SL 2011, ch 207, § 1.

Chapter 49-31

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