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49-31-120 Definitions.
     49-31-120.   Definitions. Terms used in §§ 49-31-120 to 49-31-126, inclusive, mean:
             (1)      "Communications provider," a provider that offers telecommunications services for a fee to the public, regardless of the facilities used, or a provider of IP-enabled voice service;
             (2)      "Confidential communications records information," information that relates to the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, incoming calls, outgoing calls, text messaging, location, or amount of use of a service offered by a communications provider subscribed to by any customer of that communications provider which is made available to a communications provider solely by virtue of the relationship between the communications provider and the customer, or information contained in any bill related to the product or service offered by a communications provider and received by any customer of the communications provider;
             (3)      "IP-enabled voice service," the provision of real- time two-way voice communications offered to the public, transmitted through customer premises equipment using transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP), or a successor protocol, for a fee, whether part of a bundle of services or separately, with two-way interconnection capability such that the service can originate traffic to, and terminate traffic from, a public switched telephone network.

Source: SL 2006, ch 238, § 1.

Chapter 49-31

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