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49-31-7.4 Obstruction of commission--Civil fine.
     49-31-7.4.   Obstruction of commission--Civil fine. No person may obstruct the commission or any member thereof in the performance of any of its duties or functions or refuse to give any information within its possession or to produce any record or evidence that may be required by the commission or member within the purview of its or his duties as such commission or member. Any person who violates this section may be punished by a civil fine not exceeding one thousand dollars.

Source: SDC 1939, §§ 52.0203, 52.9901; SDCL, § 49-3-15; SL 1983, ch 15, § 96; SL 1983, ch 331, § 7; SL 1987, ch 345, § 52.

Chapter 49-31

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