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49-31-84 Telecommunication companies may grant incentives to meet competition.
     49-31-84.   Telecommunication companies may grant incentives to meet competition. It is in the public interest and essential that local exchange telecommunication companies over all of South Dakota continue to be viable providers of affordable local exchange services. Local exchange telecommunication companies receive substantial revenue necessary to support the exchange from a minority of their customers. Local exchange telecommunication companies must be allowed to compete to keep their profitable customers in order to maintain the viability of local exchanges. However, customers in rural and high-cost areas shall have access to telecommunications and information services, including interexchange services, that are reasonably comparable to those services provided in urban areas and that are available at rates that are reasonably comparable to rates charged for similar services in urban areas.
     Notwithstanding any other provisions of chapter 49-31, any telecommunication company may grant any discounts, incentives, services, or other business practices necessary to meet competition. Nothing in chapter 49-31 restricts or prevents telecommunication companies from offering reduced prices and special terms and conditions for this state, its existing instrumentalities and subdivisions, for the United States and for K through 12 schools accredited by the secretary of the Department of Education.

Source: SL 1998, ch 274, § 28; SL 2003, ch 272 (Ex. Ord. 03-1), § 63.

Chapter 49-31

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