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49-31-90 Third-party verification--Requirements.
     49-31-90.   Third-party verification--Requirements. If an independent third-party verification company obtains a subscriber's oral confirmation regarding a change of a designated telecommunications company for interexchange or local exchange telecommunications service, the third-party verification shall include:
             (1)      A statement that the purpose of the call is to verify the subscriber's intent to change to the newly requested telecommunications company. The newly requested interexchange or local telecommunications company shall be clearly identified to the subscriber. Reference to use of another telecommunications company's network or facilities, if stated, shall be secondary in nature to the prominent identification of the telecommunications company which will be providing service and setting the rates for the subscriber's service;
             (2)      Confirmation that the person whose authorization for a telecommunications company change is being verified is the subscriber on the account or a person authorized by the subscriber to make decisions regarding the telecommunications account on behalf of the subscriber, whether that subscriber is an individual person or a business;
             (3)      Verification data unique to the subscriber such as the subscriber's date of birth; and
             (4)      The name and toll-free telephone number of the newly requested telecommunications company.
     The third-party verification company shall electronically record the telephone call that confirms the subscriber's change of a designated telecommunications company. The electronic recording shall include the complete statement of the service being changed and the subscriber's complete response. The electronic recording shall be retained by the third-party verification company for two years.

Source: SL 1999, ch 227, § 2.

Chapter 49-31

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