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49-31-95 Commission authorized to investigate complaints.
     49-31-95.   Commission authorized to investigate complaints. If the commission receives more than two complaints within thirty days regarding violations of § 49-31-89, the commission may require the telecommunications company responsible for the violations to provide the commission with a complete list of its current subscribers, including the subscribers' billing addresses. The list may be filed as confidential consistent with the commission's rules. The commission may contact each subscriber to determine whether any subscriber has been subject to an unauthorized change in a telecommunications company or billed for unauthorized products or services. If the commission finds, after notice and opportunity for hearing, that a telecommunications company has committed two separate violations of § 49-31-89 within one year, the commission may assess the costs of contacting subscribers to the telecommunications company.

Source: SL 1999, ch 227, § 7.

Chapter 49-31

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