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51A-2-1      Establishment of Division of Banking.
51A-2-2      Department and commission as division within Department of Labor and Regulation--Direction and supervision by department--Independent functions retained by division.
51A-2-3      Director of division--Vacancy--Qualifications.
51A-2-4      Director of division--Appointment and removal.
51A-2-5      Deputy director--Appointment--Powers and duties.
51A-2-6      Staff employees--Compensation--Dismissal--Background investigation.
51A-2-7      Appointment of State Banking Commission--Director as executive officer--Qualifications of members.
51A-2-8      Terms of commission members--Vacancies--Removal for cause.
51A-2-9      Chairman and secretary of commission--Per diem and expenses of members.
51A-2-10      Meetings of commission.
51A-2-11      Quorum--Replacement of nonparticipating member.
51A-2-12      Clerical, technical, and legal assistance for commission.
51A-2-13      Rules promulgated by commission.
51A-2-14      Rules granting additional authority to banks to promote competitive equality.
51A-2-14.1      State chartered banks granted powers allowed federally chartered banks.
51A-2-14.2      Restrictions on federally chartered banks apply to state chartered banks.
51A-2-15      Considerations of commission in making rules and regulations.
51A-2-16      Applications to organize or change control of bank, to merge, to open or close branch banks, or to change location.
51A-2-17      Forms of advertising.
51A-2-18      Examination of banks by director--Substitution for examination requirements.
51A-2-19      Subpoena power--Witness fees and mileage.
51A-2-20      Examination by director upon application by board--Fees and expenses.
51A-2-21      Order to prohibit stockholders' action pending judicial determination.
51A-2-22      Removal of director, officer, or employee of bank--Grounds for order by director.
51A-2-23      Review of removal order by commission.
51A-2-24      Accounting practices--Valuation of assets--Required practices to protect loans.
51A-2-25      Temporary order of director against unsound practice.
51A-2-26      Permanent order of commission against unsound practice.
51A-2-27      Injunctive relief.
51A-2-28      Seal of director.
51A-2-29      Record of fees--Disposition of money collected.
51A-2-30      Banking special revenue fund created--Disbursements.
51A-2-31      Copies of official records and papers in office of division--Evidentiary value--Fee for certified copy.
51A-2-32      Oaths and bonds of commissioners, director, deputy director, examiners and special examiners, and other division personnel.
51A-2-33      Secrecy oath of commissioners, director and division officers and employees--Exceptions to secrecy requirements.
51A-2-34      Interest in bank by division officers or employees prohibited--Relinquishment of interest by director or deputy for term of office.
51A-2-35      Records of division open to public inspection--Exceptions--Court order.
51A-2-36      Examination and supervision fees.
51A-2-37      Examinations of parent corporations by director--Penalty for refusal to allow examination.
51A-2-38 to 51A-2-43. Repealed.

Title 51A
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