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51A-6A-4 Application for incorporation--Approval procedure--Emergency procedure.
     51A-6A-4.   Application for incorporation--Approval procedure--Emergency procedure. No trust company may be incorporated or organized under the laws of this state or transact trust company business in this state until the application for its incorporation or organization and application or authority to do business and the location of its principal office have been submitted to and approved under the same procedure for bank applications as provided in § 51A-2-16, except that conditions for considering an application involving a trust company shall be as set forth in § 51A-6A-5. The director shall prescribe the form for making an application and any application submitted shall contain such information as required. The applicant may, with approval of the director, designate confidential information. Any costs associated with the public notice required in § 51A-2-16 shall be paid by the applicant, in addition to the application fee required in § 51A-6A-6.
     If upon the dissolution or insolvency of any trust company, it is the opinion of the director that by reason of the loss of services in the community, an emergency exists which may result in serious inconvenience or losses to customers or it is in the public interest of the community, the director may accept and approve an application for incorporation or organization and an application for authority to do business without prior notice. Upon approval of an application by the director for authority to do business of a successor trust company, the director may call a special meeting of the commission and submit the application to the commission for its review and confirmation.

Source: SL 1995, ch 268, § 2; SL 2006, ch 243, § 3; SL 2008, ch 258, § 3; SL 2017, ch 204, § 2.

Chapter 51A-6A

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