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58-11A-1 Definitions.
     58-11A-1.   Definitions. Terms used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise clearly requires:
             (1)      "Company" or "insurer," any life or health insurance company, fraternal benefit society, nonprofit health service corporation, nonprofit hospital service corporation, nonprofit medical service corporation, prepaid health plan, dental care plan, vision care plan, pharmaceutical plan, health maintenance organization, or any similar organization;
             (2)      "Policy" or "policy form," any policy, contract, plan, or agreement of life or health insurance, including credit life insurance and credit health insurance, delivered or issued for delivery in this state by any company subject to this chapter; any certificate, contract or policy issued by a fraternal benefit society; and any certificate issued pursuant to a group insurance policy delivered or issued for delivery in this state;
             (3)      "Text," all printed matter except the following:
             (a)      The name and address of the insurer; the name, number, or title of the policy; the table of contents or index; captions and subcaptions; specification pages, schedules, or tables; and
             (b)      Any policy language which is drafted to conform to the requirements of any federal law, regulation, or agency interpretation; any policy language required by any collectively bargained agreement; any medical terminology; any words which are defined in the policy; and any policy language required by law or regulation. However, the insurer may identify the language or terminology excepted by this section and may certify, in writing, that the language or terminology is entitled to be excepted by this section.

Source: SL 1981, ch 360, § 1.

Chapter 58-11A

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