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58-17-30.3 Premature birth and congenital defects covered--Applicability.
     58-17-30.3.   Premature birth and congenital defects covered--Applicability. The coverage for a newly born child from the moment of birth or for a newly adopted child, from the beginning of the six-month adoption bonding period, shall consist of coverage of injury or sickness including the necessary care and treatment of premature birth and medically diagnosed congenital defects and birth abnormalities. The provisions of §§ 58-17-30.2 to 58-17-30.4, inclusive, apply to any individually written health benefit plan issued or renewed by any health insurer, health carrier, health maintenance organization, fraternal benefit society, nonprofit medical and surgical plan, nonprofit hospital service plan, or other entity providing coverage through a health benefit plan subject to the provisions of this title.

Source: SL 1974, ch 322; SL 1976, ch 313, § 2; SL 1983, ch 375, § 2; SL 1984, ch 327, § 13; SL 2001, ch 274, § 1; SL 2015, ch 249, § 1.

Chapter 58-17

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