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58-18-7.12 Conditions for continuation.
     58-18-7.12.   Conditions for continuation. Subject to the conditions set forth for continuation in §§ 58-18-7 to 58-18-7.11, inclusive, a qualified beneficiary may continue coverage for a total of thirty-six months under the following conditions:
             (1)      If at the death of the employee or member, the qualified beneficiary's coverage under the group policy terminates by reason of such death;
             (2)      If a qualified beneficiary ceases to be a qualified family member under the group policy, while the employee or member remains insured under the policy;
             (3)      Any medicare ineligible qualified beneficiary of a current employee;
             (4)      The qualified beneficiary of an employee who is eligible for medicare; or
             (5)      Divorce or legal separation of employee.

Source: SL 1984, ch 326, § 8; SL 1988, ch 400, § 2; SL 1989, ch 433, § 10; SL 2001, ch 280, § 13.

Chapter 58-18

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