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58-18A-59 Contracts and coverages not included within definition of plan.
     58-18A-59.   Contracts and coverages not included within definition of plan. For the purposes of this chapter, the term, plan, does not include:
             (1)      Hospital indemnity coverage benefits or other fixed indemnity coverage;
             (2)      Accident only coverage;
             (3)      Specified disease or specified accident coverage;
             (4)      Limited benefit health coverage;
             (5)      School accident-type coverages that cover students for accidents only, including athletic injuries, either on a twenty-four-hour basis or on a to-and-from-school basis;
             (6)      Medicare supplement policies;
             (7)      A state plan under the medical assistance program;
             (8)      A governmental plan, which, by law, provides benefits that are in excess of those of any private insurance plan or other nongovernmental plan ; or
             (9)      Benefits provided in long-term care insurance policies for nonmedical services including personal care, adult day care, homemaker services, assistance with activities of daily living, respite care and custodial care, or for contracts that pay a fixed daily benefit without regard to expenses incurred or the receipt of services.

Source: SL 2006, ch 259, § 7; SL 2007, ch 290, § 2.

Chapter 58-18A

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