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58-18B-55 Supplemental or short term individual health benefit plans exempt from provisions of chapt...
     58-18B-55.   Supplemental or short term individual health benefit plans exempt from provisions of chapter--Conditions. Any policy or certificate of specified disease, short-term hospital-surgical care of six months or less duration, hospital confinement indemnity, limited benefit health insurance, or other policy or certificate that provide benefits less than that of a major medical plan that is offered to a small employer in this state is exempt from the provisions of this chapter only if the carrier offering the policy or certificate at the time of filing for policy form approval, submits a statement certifying that policies or certificates described in this section are being offered and marketed as supplemental health insurance or as individual health benefit plans of six-month duration or less and not renewable, and not as a substitute for hospital or medical expense insurance or major medical insurance. For policy forms approved prior to July 1, 1998, the carrier shall submit such a statement with the director.
     For purposes of this section a major medical policy is any policy which provides benefits which are actuarially equivalent to or exceed the basic plan as was approved and adopted by rule by the director pursuant to chapter 1-26. Policies which are not certified pursuant to this section and which are not major medical policies may not be used as a substitute for major medical policies and must provide for adequate disclosure of the scope of the benefits contained therein.

Source: SL 1998, ch 289, § 21; SL 2001, ch 279, § 8.

Chapter 58-18B

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