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9-13-27.2 Tie vote--Recount--Determination by lot.
     9-13-27.2.   Tie vote--Recount--Determination by lot. If a tie vote exists after a canvass of original official returns, the governing body making the canvass shall certify the vote to the finance officer. The finance officer shall then notify the candidates that if no request for recount is made in writing to the finance officer within five days after the certification, the winner shall be determined by drawing of lots. If no recount request is made or a tie vote between candidates is found to exist on the basis of the recount, the finance officer shall fix a time and place for the drawing of lots, giving reasonable notice of the time and place to each of the tied candidates. The drawing of lots shall be in the manner directed by the finance officer and the certificate of election shall be issued to the candidate winning in the drawing.

Source: SL 1983, ch 55; SL 1995, ch 44, § 1.

Chapter 9-13

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