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9-20-1      Percentage of voters required to propose ordinance or resolution.
9-20-2      Petition proposing ordinance or resolution--Contents.
9-20-3      Ordinance may not be initiated to nullify bond purposes.
9-20-4      Presentation of initiative petition to governing body--Submission to voters.
9-20-5      Majority vote at election required for initiated ordinance or resolution--Effective date.
9-20-5.1      Year's waiting period required before amendment or repeal.
9-20-6      Time for filing referendum petition.
9-20-7      Description in referendum petition of matter covered.
9-20-8      Number of signers required for referendum petition--Data concerning signers.
9-20-9      Requirements for persons circulating petition--Board of elections to promulgate rules--Scope of rules.
9-20-10      Liberal construction of referendum petition.
9-20-11      Date of election on referendum petition--No action taken pending election.
9-20-11.1      Repealed.
9-20-11.2      Date to certify ballot language to county auditor.
9-20-11.3      Additional election costs paid by municipality.
9-20-12      Publication of referred ordinance or resolution--Notice of election.
9-20-13      Ballots used in referendum election--Form and contents.
9-20-14      General municipal election law applicable to referendum elections.
9-20-15      Majority vote required for approval of referred measure--Effective date.
9-20-16      Preservation of referendum petitions--Open to public inspection.
9-20-17      Waiting period for new action after referendum election.
9-20-18      Legislative finding--Actions of municipal governing boards subject to referendum.
9-20-19      Legislative decision of governing body subject to referendum--Administrative decision not subject to referendum.

Title 9
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