32-3A-1      Rules governing motorboats, watercraft and recreation on public waters--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-3A-2      Definition of terms.
32-3A-3      Registration validation decal and numbering display requirements for boats--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-3A-4      Registration of boats--Application--Violation as felony.
32-3A-5      Issuance of certificate and decals--Display of number and decals--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-3A-5.1      Certain owners exempt from numbering and title requirements--Registration and license decals required on state waters--Proof of taxes paid.
32-3A-5.2      Mailing fees.
32-3A-6      Size and legibility of numbers--Size and availability of certificate for inspection--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-3A-7 to 32-3A-10.      Repealed.
32-3A-11      Exemptions from numbering requirement.
32-3A-12      Replacement of lost decal or registration--Fee.
32-3A-13      Expiration and renewal of registration and validation decals.
32-3A-14      Certificate records as public records.
32-3A-15      Administrative fee for each boat license.
32-3A-16      Display of other numbers on boat prohibited--Misdemeanor.
32-3A-17      Inspection by law enforcement officer.
32-3A-18      Classification of boats for equipment purposes.
32-3A-19      Territorial application of chapter--Identical local rules not prohibited.
32-3A-20      Application for title.
32-3A-21      Time for application for certificate of title--Form and content of application.
32-3A-22      Acquisition of used large boat by dealer--Application for title.
32-3A-23      Assignment of title for transfer by boat dealer or motor vehicle dealer--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-3A-24      Transfer of title required for large boats--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-3A-25      Fee for issue, transfer, or correction of certificate of title--Duplicate title.
32-3A-26      Manufacturer's or importer's certificate of origin for new large boats--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-3A-27      Hull identification number.
32-3A-28      Dealer record of large boats--Inspection by Department of Revenue.
32-3A-29      Transfer by operation of law--Transferee application for title.
32-3A-30      Security interest in large boat--Perfecting interest--Fee.
32-3A-31      Forms to implement large boat provisions.
32-3A-32      Certificate of title for large boats not yet subject to large boat provisions.
32-3A-33      Promulgation of rules for titling large boats.
32-3A-34      Registration requirements--Time to apply for large boat registration.
32-3A-35      No tax paid title for large boat.
32-3A-36      Application submitted to county treasurer--Nonnegotiable title--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-3A-37      Validation of nonnegotiable interstate title application.
32-3A-38      Abstract of boat title history.
32-3A-38.1, 32-3A-38.2. Repealed.
32-3A-38.3      Damage disclosure statement to be part of title history.

32-3A-38.4, 32-3A-38.5. Repealed.
32-3A-38.6      Damage disclosure sticker, decal, or notice required on large boats sold or offered for sale.
32-3A-38.7      Repealed.
32-3A-38.8      Large boats previously titled in another state--Notation on title required.
32-3A-39      Temporary permit--Fee.
32-3A-40      Transferred ownership of large boat.
32-3A-41      Late application--Fee--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-3A-42      False statement on application for certificate of title as felony.
32-3A-43      Alteration or forgery of title as a felony.
32-3A-44      Burden of proving ownership of large boat.
32-3A-45      Notification to deliver certificate of title upon treasurer's receipt of lien or title instrument--Notation of lien--Notice to lien holder--Liability for refusing to show lien.
32-3A-46      Release of discharged lien--Notation on title--Time requirement.
32-3A-47      Record of chain of title of large boat.
32-3A-48      Duties of county treasurer.
32-3A-49      Refusal or revocation of license--Notice.
32-3A-50      Excise tax on purchase of any large boat--In lieu of sales tax--Violation as misdemeanor.
32-3A-51      "Large boat" defined.
32-3A-52      Exemptions from excise tax.
32-3A-53      Purchase price defined.
32-3A-54      Used large boats--Valuation.
32-3A-55      Application for title and registration--Falsification as felony.
32-3A-56      Payment of tax to county treasurer.
32-3A-57      Boats previously subjected to tax.
32-3A-58      No issuance or transfer of title without tax payment.
32-3A-59      Seller's books and records--Availability--Retention.
32-3A-60      Deposit of revenues.
32-3A-61      Siblings defined.
32-3A-62      Revenues allocated for state aid to education.
32-3A-63      Expenditures on educational purposes--Vouchers.
32-3A-64      Rental company operating within dealership is separate business--Distinct name required.