61-7-1      Rules for filing of claims--Posting by employers--Statement furnished at time of unemployment.
61-7-2      Determination of claim by benefit section--Reference to appeal referee or secretary.
61-7-3      Notice to claimant and employers of decision by benefit section--Contents of notice.
61-7-4      Adjusted determination by benefit section.
61-7-5      Initial determination final unless appealed--Payment of benefits in accordance with determination being appealed.
61-7-6      Appointment of appeals referees--Interest in proceedings prohibited.
61-7-7      Transfer of appeal before referee.
61-7-8      Rules for hearings and appeals.
61-7-9      Witness fees--Expense of proceedings as administration expense.
61-7-10      Decision by appeal referee--Notice to parties--Final unless appealed.
61-7-10.1      Payment of benefits in accordance with determination being appealed--Effect of modification or reversal.
61-7-11      Repealed.
61-7-12      Action by secretary on own motion or appeal--Notice to parties--Final decision of department.
61-7-13      Department as party to judicial action--Representation of department in appeal.
61-7-14      Appeal of department's final decision--No bond required.
61-7-15 to 61-7-20. Repealed.
61-7-21      Fees not chargeable to claimant--Violation as misdemeanor.
61-7-22      Claimant's right to counsel--Maximum attorney fee--Employer's representation--Department's representation.
61-7-23      Repealed.
61-7-24      Findings, conclusions, and decisions not admissible as evidence in separate or subsequent actions or proceedings.