2017 Session Laws


(SB 31)

State library functions updated.

        ENTITLED, An Act to revise certain administrative and advisory functions of the State Library and the State Library Board.


    Section 1. That § 14-1-44 be amended to read:

    14-1-44. The State Library Office shall be responsible for executing execute the library policy of the State of South Dakota and shall:

            (1)    Promote adequate library service for all the people of the state;

            (2)    Supplement the services of libraries throughout the state;

            (3)    Increase the proficiency of library personnel through provision of in-service and continuing education programs for library personnel employed in the state;

            (4)    Provide for the citizens of the state specialized library services and materials not generally appropriate, economical, or available in other libraries of the state;

            (5)    Coordinate the libraries maintained by the executive department of state government within the governmental complex in Pierre;

            (6)    Establish and operate a state publications library distribution center program; and

            (7)(6)    Collect and publish annual statistical data of libraries in the state.

    Section 2. That § 14-1-50 be amended to read:

    14-1-50. The State Library Office shall provide for library services to the visually and physically handicapped impaired.

    Section 3. That § 14-1-51 be amended to read:

    14-1-51. The State Library Office shall establish, improve, and supervise and support suitable libraries to be maintained by the state in the penal and charitable institutions and in the special schools supported in whole or in part by the state, with the consent and subject to such any rules and regulations as may be made by the boards responsible for such the institutions.

    Section 4. That § 14-1-59 be amended to read:

    14-1-59. The State Library Board shall be the supervisory and is the policy-making body of

the State Library Office and shall:

            (1)    Formulate Approve general policies for the State Library;

            (2)    Promulgate rules, pursuant to chapter 1-26, under which state library services and materials may be used by citizens and by libraries in the state, under which administration and execution of federal or private funds or programs that may be received by the State Library may be carried out, and under which libraries of the state may have access to systems and networks provided outside the state by the State Library; and

            (3)    Review and approve budget requests for the State Library; and

            (4)    Adopt a long-range plan for the statewide coordination and development of library services.

    Section 5. That § 14-1-60 be amended to read:

    14-1-60. The State Library Board may:

            (1)    Contract Recommend agreements, under such terms and conditions as may be suitable, with any person, any library, any state department, any unit of local government empowered to establish a library, or any library board to provide library services, to extend, improve, or coordinate library services, or to demonstrate appropriate programs of library service;

            (2)    Enter into Recommend library agreements pursuant to the Interstate Library Compact;

            (3)    Appoint any advisory councils it may deem necessary or may find are required for receipt of federal or private funds or programs; and

            (4)    Accept gifts of library materials, money, or property for the use of the State Library.

    Section 6. That § 14-1-64 be amended to read:

    14-1-64. The State Library Board shall exercise the administrative advisory function as defined in subdivision 1-32-1(1) 1-32-1(2) and consistent with § 1-45-4. The state librarian shall perform administrative functions in accordance with the general policies of the State Library Board and the executive branch of government.

    Section 7. That § 14-1-65 be repealed.

     Signed February 9, 2017