2018 Table of Contents

The effective date of most of the legislation in this volume is July 1, 2018. See SDCL 2-14-16. Legislation with other effective dates will contain the effective date as one of its provisions.


1.    SJR 1        Proposing an amendment to the Constitution.

2.    HJR 1004    Marsy's law revised.

3.    HB 1162    Appropriation to fund Mary's Law amendment election for June primary.

4.    HJR 1006    An amendment to the Constitution relating to amending the Constitution.

5.    SB 204    Designate Peter Norbeck Day as a working holiday.

6.    HB 1102    The use and display of the great seal of South Dakota.

7.    SB 96        Chislic.

8.    HB 1318    The South Dakota Health and Educational Facilities Authority may transfer or grant excess reserves to another entity.

9.    SB 18        The South Dakota Board of Technical Education, revised.

10.    SB 81        The Building South Dakota fund and the programs revised.

11.    SB 40        Surplus real estate transferred to the Ellsworth Development Authority.

12.    HB 1018    State agencies and the employment of public employees, references revised.

13.    HB 1037    The South Dakota State Fair.

14.    HB 1172    Meeting requirements of certain public bodies.

15.    SB 212    Bureau of Information and Telecommunications assistance to schools.

16.    SB 17        The Division of Adult Services and Supports.

17.    SB 60        Revised administrative rule-making authority for the Department of Human Services.

18.    SB 89        Term limits for members of the Board of Education Standards.

19.    HB 1166    Waiver authority revised for recommendations by the School Finance Accountability Board.

20.    SB 76        Department of Tribal Relations to assist with the Help America Vote Act.


21.    HB 1177    The circulation of a petition for an initiated measure.

22.    HB 1196    Verification of residency of petition circulators.

23.    HB 1007    Initiated measure may embrace only one subject.

24.    HB 1304    Challenges to petition signatures.

25.    HB 1311    Legislator salaries.

26.    SB 125    Authority of the Government Operations and Audit Committee revised.

27.    SB 9        Fiscal notes for certain initiated measures and initiated amendments to the Constitution.

28.    HB 1137    The registration of lobbyists.

29.    HB 1129    Revise definition for full-time-equivalent.

30.    SB 10        Resolution of conflicts by multiple measures and amendments adopted at the same election.

31.    HB 1017    Legislation enacted in 2017, codified.


32.    SB 35        Correctional security staff revisions in the South Dakota Retirement System.

33.    SB 36        Revisions for the South Dakota Retirement System.

34.    SB 37        Automatic enrollment for the deferred compensation plan.

35.    SB 38        The process to establish the compensation of the executive director.


36.    HB 1320    Appropriation for the ordinary expenses of state government for fiscal year 2019.

37.    HB 1044    Revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2018.

38.    HB 1045    Transfer funds from the budget reserve fund to support state aid to education.

39.    SB 28        Appropriation for costs related to suppression of wildfires.

40.    HB 1098    Appropriation for various water and environmental purposes.

41.    SB 27        Appropriation from the coordinated natural resources conservation fund.

42.    SB 54        Appropriation for the payment of extraordinary litigation expenses.

43.    HB 1178    Penalty for the failure to complete timely audits.

44.    SB 100    Grant monitoring and review.


45.    SB 39        Improvements permitted on school and public lands.

46.    HB 1100    A name to be printed on public contracts.

47.    HB 1050    Prompt payment act revised.


48.    SB 86        Local unit of government sale of surplus property through a real estate broker.


49.    HB 1169    The commissioner form of municipal government.

50.    HB 1163    Municipal publication deadlines revised.

51.    HB 1183    The deadline to certify certain municipal ballot language.

52.    HB 1154    Municipal lease-purchase agreement revisions.

53.    SB 126    Municipal government annual reports.

54.    SB 30        Regulation of microblading by municipalities.

55.    SB 16        Curb ramp construction specifications for municipalities repealed.

56.    HB 1074    Business improvement districts.


57.    HB 1049    References updated to the Internal Revenue Code.

58.    HB 1143    Tax exemption for certain school owned property.

59.    SB 90        Payment of taxes and fees before transferring title of mobile or manufactured homes.

60.    HB 1119    Riparian buffer strips.

61.    HB 1076    Township's tax levy for emergency medical services.

62.    SB 56        Appropriation to fund tax refunds for elderly or disabled persons.

63.    HB 1147    Property tax collections, delinquent property taxes, tax certificates, and tax deeds, revised.

64.    SB 55        Revise the tax on endoparasiticides and ectoparasiticides.

65.    SB 57        Corrections for references to the contractor's excise tax.

66.    HB 1068    The collection of motor fuel tax from interstate fuel users.

67.    HB 1048    Statements on auditing standards utilized by the Department of Revenue, reference updated.


68.    HB 1292    Appeals of decisions regarding conditional use requests.

69.    SB 147    Local governing bodies to establish the per diem rate for housing and development commissions.

70.    SB 58        Tax increment financing districts.

71.    HB 1161    References to the International Building Code, updated.


72.    SB 144    Party affiliation on voter registration cards.

73.    HB 1012    Political party definition, modified.

74.    HB 1286    Political parties to be classified under alternative political status.

75.    HB 1004    Initiated measure petitions regulated.

76.    HB 1011    Voter registration list maintenance mailings, requirements changed.

77.    HB 1005    Attorney General's ballot measure explanation requirements changed.

78.    HB 1006    Legislative Research Council review of ballot measure comments regulated.

79.    SB 11        Legislative Research Council, time period for review and comment revised.

80.    SB 13        Legislative Research Council fiscal notes for certain ballot measures.

81.    HB 1013    Electronic voting systems used in elections, regulated.

82.    HB 1105    Validation of absentee ballot signatures.

83.    SB 128    Ballot question committee regulation.

84.    HB 1002    Campaign finance requirements revised.

85.    SB 7        Campaign finance limits revised.

86.    SB 8        Campaign contribution limits applied to certain aggregate contributions.

87.    SB 77        Campaign finance disclosure statements submitted by ballot question committees.

88.    HB 1003    Campaign finance reporting revised.


89.    HB 1252    Government entities may not restrict the wearing of tribal regalia during certain events.

90.    HB 1215    The reorganization of school districts with low enrollment.

91.    SB 66        Information about school elections to be in the school board minutes.

92.    HB 1056    Property tax levies for school districts and the state aid to education formula, revised.

93.    HB 1165    Pilot charter school for Native American students, authority repealed.

94.    HB 1297    Revised capital outlay obligations.

95.    SB 83        Patriotic societies to have access to public schools.

96.    HB 1099    Dual education credit.

97.    HB 1114    Students enrolling in school districts after participating in open enrollment.

98.    HB 1271    The carrying of guns on certain premises.

99.    SB 46        School district policy limiting the use of restraint and seclusion.

100.    HB 1155    Language development of deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

101.    SB 148    List of organizations that may approve and accredit a nonpublic school.

102.    SB 19        Lease-purchase agreements for a local education agency, limited.

103.    HB 1016    Secretary of State's authorization to provide postsecondary education, required.

104.    SB 80        Term limits for members of the Board of Regents.

105.    HB 1063    The Sioux Falls research park description changed.

106.    HB 1058    The employment of the superintendent of the School for the Deaf and the School for the Blind and the Visually Impaired.

107.    SB 117    The partners in education tax credit program.

108.    HB 1221    The partners in education tax credit program to include tribally controlled schools.

109.    SB 48        Appropriation to the Board of Regents to purchase agricultural land in Meade County.

110.    SB 52        Appropriation to the Board of Regents to demolish a building at South Dakota State University.    

111.    HB 1064    Options for the disposition or use of certain real estate located in Minnehaha County.

112.    HB 1057    Appropriation and authorization to the Board of Regents for construction and demolition at Dakota State University.

113.    SB 49        Appropriation to the Board of Regents to purchase agricultural land in Brookings County.

114.    HB 1060    An appropriation to the South Dakota Building Authority and the Board of Regents to renovate the Dakota Dome.

115.    HB 1061    An appropriation to the Board of Regents for two athletic and recreation fields at Northern State University.

116.    HB 1062    An appropriation to the Board of Regents to purchase real property in Brown County.

117.    HB 1065    Appropriation to the Board of Regents for the renovation of the National Music Museum.

118.    HB 1071    Appropriation to relocate the School for the Blind and the Visually Impaired.

119.    SB 47        Appropriation to authorize the completion of a sports facility at the University of South Dakota.

120.    SB 50        Appropriation to the Board of Regents for the construction of an American Indian Student Center.

121.    SB 51        Appropriation to the Board of Regents for the construction of an athletic support facility at South Dakota State University.

122.    SB 53        The Board of Regents may sell and lease certain real property in Pennington County.

123.    HB 1264    Appropriation to the Board of Regents for a precision agriculture classroom and laboratory.

124.    SB 183    Funds provided for the precision agriculture fund.


125.    HB 1139    The applicability of adverse possession to certain partition fences.


126.    HB 1097    Magistrate court jurisdiction over vulnerable adult protective or restraining orders.

127.    HB 1096    Jurisdiction for magistrate judges for HOPE probation programs.


128.    HB 1085    The Uniform Unsworn Domestic Declarations Act.


129.    HB 1084    Garnishment disclosure forms revised.


130.    HB 1293    Increase the penalty for assaults against first responders.

131.    HB 1126    Forensic medical examinations for victims of rape or sexual offense.

132.    HB 1110    Penalty for convictions of hiring for sexual activity or prostitution.

133.    SB 61        Sex offender registration.

134.    HB 1285    Community safety zones.

135.    SB 62        Data breach notification and penalty.

136.    SB 65        Penalty enhanced for drug deliveries that result in death.

137.    SB 63        Revised prohibitions for methamphetamines with a mandatory penalty.

138.    SB 64        Human trafficking in the first degree.


139.    HB 1249    Training of tribal law officers at the Law Enforcement Training Center.

140.    HB 1209    National Instant Criminal Background Check for applicants of certain concealed carry permits.

141.    HB 1083    Fees reduced for enhanced permits to carry a concealed pistol.

142.    HB 1278    The extradition of fugitives by Indian tribes.


143.    SB 185    Criminal record expungement, process revised.

144.    HB 1281    Supervision of persons on probation.

145.    HB 1160    The crime victim compensation program fund and program transferred.

146.    HB 1174    Rights for crime victims.

147.    HB 1095    Clerk magistrate jurisdiction revised.

148.    HB 1077    Update language regarding capital punishment and revise mandatory sentence for persons with an intellectual disability.


149.    SB 155    Liability for the cost of jail confinement.    

150.    HB 1280    The calculation of suspended prison sentences.

151.    HB 1052    The executive director of the Board of Pardons and Paroles may issue a warrant.

152.    HB 1054    Crimes that are considered violent for parole calculation purposes.

153.    HB 1053    Earned discharge credits for inmates.

154.    HB 1109    Compassionate parole for qualified inmates.


155.    SB 165    Child custody and visitation enforcement.

156.    SB 140    Objection to a custody or visitation order.

157.    SB 167    The consideration of joint physical custody of a minor.

158.    SB 74        The minimum difference in age between adoptive parent and child, an exception.

159.    HB 1269    The time frame for consent in adoption proceedings.

160.    HB 1039    Child support obligations and medical services to the indigent, outdated requirements repealed.

161.    SB 139    Child custody, revisions.

162.    HB 1038    The medical support obligations of a parent to a child, expressed.

163.    HB 1112    Contested paternity.

164.    HB 1104    The arrest of certain victims of domestic abuse.


165.    SB 106    Foster child to be placed with a relative or close family friend.

166.    SB 67        Child sex trafficking or exploitation victim may expunge any criminal record.

167.    SB 105    A health care practitioner may administer a toxicology test to an infant.


168.    HB 1107    The construction and maintenance of county and township highways.

169.    SB 59        Department of Tourism to permit commercial advertising in information centers.

170.    HB 1140    Access to public water.

171.    SB 15        The state trunk highway system changed.

172.    HB 1257    Abandonment of highways by townships and counties.

173.    HB 1131    Road district trustees and employees may receive compensation under a district contract.


174.    SB 42        Issuing a motor vehicle title, requirements changed.

175.    SB 154    Transfer of motor vehicle titles to satisfy unpaid motor vehicle repair bills.

176.    HB 1236    The acquisition of motor vehicle titles by auction agencies.

177.    SB 41        The registration of snowmobiles, revised.

178.    HB 1195    Refunds of motor vehicle license fees.

179.    HB 1066    Vehicle license plates and stickers, issuance revised.

180.    HB 1117    Licensing of historical motor vehicles.

181.    SB 97        Motor vehicle license plate for women veterans.

182.    HB 1080    Requirements for emblem specialty plates for motor vehicles.

183.    HB 1116    Special interest motor vehicle license plates.

184.    HB 1088    Consignment sales requirements revised.

185.    HB 1101    Used motorcycles offered for sale at an event.

186.    SB 151    Sale of trailers at special events.

187.    SB 73        Vehicle dealer may lease space in the common area of a shopping mall.

188.    SB 146    Off-road vehicle dealers exempt from special event permit fees.

189.    HB 1069    An unladen motor vehicle permit for certain commercial motor vehicles.

190.    SB 23        Driver license renewal requirements changed.

191.    HB 1244    The renewal of driver licenses by a member of the armed forces and their families.

192.    SB 22        Commercial driver license applicants have three attempts to pass the commercial driver license exam.

193.    HB 1270    The use of lighted front and rear lamps on motor vehicles, regulated.

194.    SB 82        Inspections of large passenger vehicles used by nonprofit organizations.

195.    SB 69        Registration and permit documents may be stored and presented electronically.

196.    SB 114    The removal and storage of abandoned vehicles.

197.    HB 1113    Vehicles required to stop at a state weighing station.


198.    HB 1043    Construction of a National Guard Readiness Center at the Rapid City Airport.


199.    HB 1009    Benefits provided to veterans, administration updated.

200.    HB 1010    Federal law protections for National Guard members ordered to active duty.

201.    SB 91        Authorization and appropriation for state veterans' cemetery in Sioux Falls.


202.    SB 164    Catheter use without consent of the patient prohibited.

203.    SB 32        Controlled substances schedule, revised.

204.    SB 93        The intentional exposure of others to certain diseases.

205.    SB 110    Legislative findings pertaining to pre-abortion counseling.

206.    SB 88        Disinterment permits.

207.    HB 1015    Explosives, pyrotechnics, and fireworks to protect sunflower crops, regulation changed.

208.    SB 98        Revise provisions regarding the 911 emergency surcharge.

209.    SB 99        Release 911 emergency surcharge information to public safety answering points.

210.    SB 20        The State and Province Emergency Management Assistance Memorandum of Understanding, enacted.

211.    SB 31        Appropriation for certain health care recruitment assistance programs.


212.    SB 25        Permit fees revised under the national pollutant discharge elimination system, revised.


213.    HB 1070    Alcoholic beverage regulation changed.

214.    SB 70        The sale and use of alcoholic beverages, regulated.

215.    HB 1146    The consumption of alcoholic beverages aboard vehicles operated by licensed carriers, regulated.

216.    HB 1185    The storage of wine at certain licensed premises.

217.    SB 178    Alcoholic beverage licensing exemption for events conducted by certain civic, charitable, educational, fraternal, or veteran's organizations.

218.    HB 1157    Alcohol manufacturers and wholesalers may enter into sponsorship agreements with alcohol retail licensees.

219.    HB 1121    Fees for certain on-sale and off-sale retail liquor licenses.

220.    HB 1273    Convention facility on-sale licenses to sell alcoholic beverages.

221.    HB 1173    Inactive status for airport liquor licenses.

222.    HB 1067    The licensing of wineries and wine manufacturers.

223.    HB 1313    The licensing of distillers and cider manufacturers.

224.    SB 173    Microbreweries and malt beverage manufacturers regulated.

225.    SB 187    Wine manufacturer licenses.


226.    HB 1019    Background checks for physicians.

227.    SB 71        License renewal for the practice of medicine.

228.    HB 1021    The practice of podiatry revised and certain fee increases authorized.

229.    HB 1020    Medical assistants, requirements revised.

230.    HB 1079    Physical therapists may perform dry needling treatment.

231.    SB 75        The dispensing of biological products, regulated.

232.    HB 1026    Educational requirements for the practice of cosmetology, updated.

233.    HB 1087    Students to test for cosmetologist, esthetician, and nail technician licensure.

234.    HB 1027    The number of apprentices in a salon, increased.

235.    HB 1086    Assisted living facilities exempt from the salon license requirement.            

236.    HB 1031    References regarding real estate licensing, updated.

237.    HB 1032    Credit unions not required to be licensed as real estate brokers.

238.    HB 1040    Professional counselors licensed in another state may be licensed here.


239.    SB 153    Disclosure of fees imposed by overnight lodging accommodations.


240.    HB 1214    The State Conservation Commission and conservation districts requirements changed.

241.    HB 1115    Crop liens.

242.    SB 209    The Nutrient Research and Education Council.

243.    SB 34        Registration for pesticide products.

244.    SB 166    Moisture and protein content devices regulation repealed.


245.    SB 169    Confections that contain alcohol regulated.

246.    HB 1035    Labeling requirements for feed.


247.    SB 156    Brand inspections.


248.    HB 1047    Fur-bearing animals, definition revised.

249.    HB 1148    The eligibility to serve on the Game, Fish, and Parks Commission.

250.    HB 1106    Hunting preference points may be granted to persons age ten years or older.

251.    HB 1046    Certain residents to receive a big game license during the Black Hills deer season.

252.    SB 137    The minimum hunting age.

253.    HB 1219    The use of night vision equipment in hunting.

254.    SB 68        Assistance provided to counties by state firefighting resources.

255.    HB 1081    Effective date changed regarding the recreational use of nonmeandered water.


256.    SB 43        The regulation of limited gaming in Deadwood.

257.    SB 44        A license for certain gaming equipment manufacturers and distributors.


258.    SB 45        The sale of unclaimed property.

259.    SB 119    Fraudulent disability documentation when renting accommodations.


260.    HB 1136    Cooperatives, regulation revised.


261.    HB 1024    South Dakota One Call, recast.

262.    HB 1159    Notification regarding damage of underground facilities.

263.    SB 21        Federal motor carrier regulations, references updated.

264.    HB 1014    The application of the intrastate exemption for certain commercial motor vehicles revised.

265.    HB 1213    Telephone and telegraph corporations, formation revised.

266.    HB 1168    The abandonment or dissolution of television translator districts.

267.    HB 1023    Pipeline safety revisions.

268.    SB 26        Public grain buyers' requirements changed.


269.    HB 1258    Aviation.


270.    HB 1028    Trust company requirements changed.


271.    HB 1082    Licensure exemption for the lending of money.

272.    HB 1094    Limitations on licensees engaged in the business of making loans.

273.    HB 1127    Fees prohibited for credit security freeze.

274.    HB 1078    The removal of credit security freezes.


275.    HB 1072    Trust law revised.


276.    HB 1248    Filing and recording secured transaction records.


277.    HB 1093    Insurance transactions and policies in a language other than English.

278.    HB 1042    Division of Insurance references updated.

279.    HB 1205    Health benefit plans to provide coverage for certain dental care services.

280.    HB 1034    Beneficiaries on life policies and annuity contracts to be identified and located.

281.    SB 141    Pharmacy benefits management.

282.    HB 1033    Licensing renewal revised for business insurance producers.

283.    HB 1041    Insurers' internal audit requirements revised.


284.    HB 1030    Cancellation of uncollectible unemployment insurance contributions.


285.    HB 1029    Fees increased for self-insured employers.


286.    17-07        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 15-6-83.

287.    17-08        In the Matter of the Amendment to the Appendix of SDCL Chapter 16-1A Relating to Judicial Nominations.

288.    17-09        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 16-3-5.1.

289.    17-10        In the Matter of the Adoption of a New Rule Relating to Style and Form of Amended Supreme Court Rules.

290.    17-11        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 23A-13-10.

291.    17-12        In the Matter of the Adoption to the Appendix of SDCL Chapter 16-17 Relating to the By-laws of the State Bar of South Dakota.

292.    18-01        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 16-21A-2(4).

293.    18-02        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 1-26-33.

294.    18-03        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 15-6-5(g).

295.    18-04        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 15-6-30(f).

296.    18-05        In the Matter of the Amendment of SDCL 16-3-5.1.

297.    18-06        In the Matter of the Amendments and Adoptions to South Dakota Rules of Professional Conduct.

298.    18-07        In the Matter of the Amendments and Adoptions to Chapter 16-19 Discipline of Attorneys.

299.    18-08        In the Matter of the Amendment to SDCL 23A-35-4.3.

300.    18-09        In the Matter of the Amendment to SDCL 23A-44-5.1(5).

301.    18-10        In the Matter of the Amendment to SDCL 23A-4-1.

302.    18-11        In the Matter of the Amendment to SDCL 16-18-34.4.

303.    18-12        In the Matter of the Amendment of Appendix A to SDCL 16-18.




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