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36-11-19 Registration of applicants registered in other states--Fee.
     36-11-19.   Registration of applicants registered in other states--Fee. The Board of Pharmacy may in its discretion grant certificates of registration to such persons as shall furnish with their applications satisfactory proof that they have been registered by examination in some other state; provided that such other state required a degree of competency at the time such person was licensed at least equal to that required of licentiates in this state at that same time. The State Board of Pharmacy, in order to be informed, may, in determining the degree of fitness required by the several states' boards of pharmacy for granting license and reciprocal registration, join with other states' boards of pharmacy. Every person applying for registration pursuant to this section shall pay to the board upon application a fee, not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars, set by the board by rule promulgated pursuant to chapter 1-26.

Source: SDC 1939, § 27-.1007; SL 1967, ch 102, § 9; SL 1986, ch 302, § 114; SL 2008, ch 191, § 26.

Chapter 36-11

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