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25-6-1      Adoption of illegitimate child by acknowledgment and conduct of father--Legitimation from birth.
25-6-1.1      Father of illegitimate child not entitled to notice unless acknowledged.
25-6-2      Adoption of minor child permitted--Minimum difference in ages--Best interests of child.
25-6-3      Consent of spouse required for adoption.
25-6-4      Consent of child's parents required for adoption--Court waiver of consent.
25-6-4.1      Compelling, coercing, or forcing adoption as felony.
25-6-4.2      Offering, giving, or receiving unauthorized consideration for adoption as felony.
25-6-5      Consent of child over twelve required.
25-6-6      Jurisdiction of circuit court--Appeal.
25-6-7      Venue of adoption proceedings.
25-6-8      Joinder of proceedings as to two or more children--Separate orders required.
25-6-9      Period of residence in home required before petition granted.
25-6-9.1      Home study report required--Criminal record check and central registry screening to be included--Violation as misdemeanor.
25-6-9.2      Effective date.
25-6-10      Time of hearing on petition fixed--Investigation ordered by court.
25-6-11      Notice to Department of Social Services--Recommendation of department--Appearance.
25-6-12      Execution of consent and agreement by parties--Appearances at hearing.
25-6-13      Examination of witnesses and investigations by court--Order of adoption--Contents.
25-6-14      Repealed.
25-6-15      Restrictions on access to court records in adoption proceedings--Court order required for disclosure of information--Notice of hearing to department or adoption agency--Disclosure not contested nor supported.
25-6-15.1      Confidentiality of records.
25-6-15.2      Nonidentifying information--Release to adoptive parent or adoptee.
25-6-15.3      Registry of consents to release of identifying information.
25-6-16      Change of name by adopted child--Relationship with adoptive parent.
25-6-17      Rights and duties of natural parents terminated on adoption--Exceptions.
25-6-18      Petition for adoption of adult--Consent--Residence with adoptive parent during minority.
25-6-19      Order for adoption of adult.
25-6-20      Jurisdictional provisions applicable to adoption of adults--Effect of adoption--New birth certificate optional.
25-6-21      Care of past irregularities in proceedings.
25-6-22      Medical information on adoptee's birthparent available to adoptee or adoptee's legal guardian--Written request--Proof.
25-6-23      Medical and social history form filed in adoption of abused or neglected child--Availability to adoptive parents and adoptee--Failure to comply.
25-6-24      Due regard to be afforded Indian Child Welfare Act.
25-6-25      Effect of adoption orders of another jurisdiction or nation.

Title 25
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