Extraordinary Cost Fund for Special Education Study — 2018



Committee Documents

Document Title
9/11/18 - Juvenile Justice Presentation
Bill Draft A - Oversight Board
Bill Draft B - Recalculation
Bill Draft C - Set Aside Adjustment
Bill Draft D - Inflationary Increase
Bill Draft E - Fund Balance
Bill Draft F - Child Count & Sparsity
Bill Draft G - Task Force
Bill Draft H - Resolution
Explanations - Bill Drafts C,D,E,F
Task Force Cost Estimate - Draft G
Birth to 3 Program
Extraordinary Cost Fund for Special Education - Linda Turner Presentation
ECF Approved FY 16-18
FY2017 Transfers General Fund to Special Education
FFIS - IDEA Full Funding Update
History of Cost Per Disability
History of the Extraordinary Cost Fund
Special Education Triennial Adjustment
Eligibility Determination Form
Evaluation Tools and Resources
IEP Eligibility Guide
IEP Form
IEP Technical Assistance Guide
Overview of School District Accountability
National Trend Data Comparison
Autism Data
Office of Civil Rights Guidance on ADD-ADHD
ADD-ADHD Eligibility under OHI
Avon School District Handout
Special Education History and Process
Special Education Acronyms
Summary of Select Federal Legislation Affecting Special Education
Overview of Special Education Funding
IDEA Part B Cooperative Projects
History of Special Education Disability Allocations
Child Count Summary by Disability
Extraordinary Cost Funding Fiscal Year 2018
History of Extraordinary Cost Funding 1997-2018
Special Education Levies by District
LEA-MOE Overview
Triennial Adjustment of Special Education Funding Levels
Property Tax Snapshot
Property Tax - 2018 Special Education Levy Analysis
Brookings School District Special Education Funding Information

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