Picture of Jeff Mehlhaff
Jeff Mehlhaff
Senior Fiscal & Program Analyst
Office: (605)773-3251

Subject Area(s):

Alcohol & Alcohol Tax, Banking, Bonding & Bonding Authorities, Commerce & Business, Economic Development, Gambling, Higher Education (BOR), Local Government, Lottery, Motor Vehicles, Planning & Zoning, Retirement, Revenue Estimate, Taxation (General), Taxation (Income Tax), Taxation (Motor Vehicle Tax), Taxation (Precious Metals Tax), Taxation (Severed Mineral Interests), Taxation (Tax Estimates), Trust Funds

Session Committee(s):

House Committee on Appropriations, House Retirement Laws, Joint Committee on Appropriations, Senate Committee on Appropriations, Senate Retirement Laws

Interim Committee(s):

Appropriations, Retirement Laws

Budget Agency(s):

Board of Regents, Department of Revenue, Governor's Office of Economic Development, South Dakota Retirement System, State Investment Council, State Treasurer

Rules Agency(s):

Revenue, Board of Regents, Office of the Arts, Board of Economic Development, Commission on Gaming, Economic Development Finance Authority, Governor's Office of Economic Development, Investment Council, Retirement System, South Dakota Housing Development Authority, South Dakota Lottery, South Dakota Lottery Commission, Treasurer

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