2019 Withdrawn Report

The following bills have been withdrawn by the prime sponsor in accordance with Joint Rule 6B-1.1.
HB 1042exempt law enforcement from the requirements to be licensed as commercial drivers. 
HB 1062exempt from alcoholic beverage regulations certain uses of alcohol by postsecondary institutions.  
HB 1095accommodate legislation regarding noxious weed seed. 
HB 1096accommodate legislation regarding noxious weeds. 
HB 1100revise certain programs regarding landowner rights. 
HB 1101revise certain programs regarding the Department of Game, Fish and Parks. 
HB 1112provide for certain persons to carry a concealed pistol or revolver without a permit. 
HB 1114revise provisions regarding state-owned motor vehicles. 
HB 1134revise a provision regarding the commencement of office for the Governor. 
HB 1140prohibit any high school interscholastic activities association from restricting or prohibiting broadcasting of high school activities. 
HB 1147establish a tribal flag display on the capitol grounds. 
HB 1161revise certain provisions regarding the issuance of temporary permits for the use of public water. 
HB 1174revise provisions regarding civil forfeitures. 
HB 1224revise certain provisions regarding violations of county and municipal ordinances. 
HB 1227provide nonpublic schools certain tax revenue collected from rural electric companies. 
HB 1231revise certain provisions regarding emergency commitment. 
HB 1235establish requirements regarding parental consent for the collection of certain information by schools. 
HB 1245revise certain provisions regarding the right of a mother to breastfeed her child. 
HB 1249revise certain provisions regarding sales tax. 
HB 1271remove exceptions to certain health insurance policies. 
HCR 1002Requesting that local school boards establish a code of ethics and professional responsibility for educators in public elementary and secondary schools. 
SB 29revise provisions related to unclaimed property and to declare an emergency. 
SB 38provide for the carrying of a concealed pistol without a permit. 
SB 81revise provisions regarding minimum demand of electric service. 
SB 82revise provisions regarding election of officers for rural electric cooperatives 
SB 83revise provisions regarding meetings and records of rural electric cooperatives. 
SB 111revise provisions regarding certification of emergency medical responders. 

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