2008 Bills Signed By Governor

House Bill

HB 1001provide for a jury trial in forfeiture proceedings. 
HB 1002revise the style and form of certain provisions and to delete certain obsolete provisions regarding labor and employment and the Department of Labor. 
HB 1003revise the style and form of certain provisions and to delete certain obsolete provisions regarding unemployment compensation. 
HB 1004revise the style and form of certain provisions and to delete certain obsolete provisions regarding workers' compensation. 
HB 1005revise certain provisions concerning the assessment of real property, to assess agricultural land based on its agricultural income value, to create an implementation and oversight advisory task force, to repeal certain provisions regarding the assessment of property, and to repeal the nonagricultural acreage classification. 
HB 1006revise certain tax levy limitations and property tax levies for school districts. 
HB 1007make form and style revisions to certain taxation and revenue statutes. 
HB 1008update and revise certain provisions relating to the Abstracters' Board of Examiners. 
HB 1009revise provisions relating to persons engaged in the business of money transmission. 
HB 1010define telecommunication services for taxation purposes. 
HB 1011revise certain provisions regarding the bank franchise tax. 
HB 1012revise certain provisions regarding property tax exemptions for certain disabled veterans and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1013remove certain waiting periods for property casualty filings. 
HB 1014stagger the licensing of snowmobiles and boats. 
HB 1015provide for the transfer of the state's interests in the Mobridge National Guard Armory to the city of Mobridge. 
HB 1017revise certain provisions related to the taxation of products transferred electronically. 
HB 1018refund special fuel taxes under certain circumstances. 
HB 1019provide benefit formula improvements for the members of the South Dakota Retirement System. 
HB 1020authorize the South Dakota Retirement System Board of Trustees to establish an automatic enrollment feature within the South Dakota deferred compensation plan. 
HB 1021create the South Dakota Retirement System supplemental pension benefit. 
HB 1022revise the South Dakota Retirement System's contested case provisions. 
HB 1023revise certain provisions pertaining to the South Dakota Retirement System, the South Dakota deferred compensation plan and the South Dakota special pay retirement program. 
HB 1024revise the definition of child for the purposes of the South Dakota Retirement System. 
HB 1025bring the South Dakota Retirement System's annual benefit improvement for certain firefighters in line with the improvement for other members. 
HB 1026revise certain provisions and procedures concerning elections. 
HB 1027revise certain deadlines concerning nominating petitions for water development district directors and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1030revise certain provisions regarding the appointment of notaries public and the requirements of notary public seals. 
HB 1037revise certain provisions regarding medical claims for workers' compensation and to establish an administrative fine for delays regarding these medical claims. 
HB 1038revise certain provisions regarding accident reports and insurance premium increases involving the operators of emergency snow removal equipment. 
HB 1039remove a segment of State Highway 25 in Hanson County from the state trunk highway system. 
HB 1040remove a segment of State Highway 314 in Yankton County from the state trunk highway system. 
HB 1041provide a preference for the procurement of biobased products. 
HB 1042revise certain provisions pertaining to the definition of residency and the issuance of resident hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses. 
HB 1043revise certain provisions regarding exemptions to the boat numbering requirement. 
HB 1044revise certain provisions regarding the teacher compensation assistance program. 
HB 1045revise certain provisions related to the calculation of state aid to special education. 
HB 1047make an appropriation to assist sparse school districts. 
HB 1050revise certain provisions regarding Indian education. 
HB 1052define an inpatient hospice and residential hospice as a health care facility. 
HB 1053place certain substances on the controlled substances schedule and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1055revise the penalty for leaving the brand inspection area without a brand inspection. 
HB 1056revise certain provisions related to holds on livestock sales and the transporting of livestock out of the ownership inspection area. 
HB 1057revise certain provisions regarding eligibility for open market status for the purposes of brand inspection. 
HB 1058increase the maximum amount allowable for the livestock ownership inspection fee. 
HB 1059repeal the restriction on the number of personnel to be employed by the Office of the Attorney General's consumer complaint program. 
HB 1060revise the statute of limitations regarding deceptive trade practices. 
HB 1061revise the penalty for the distribution or possession with intent to distribute marijuana to a minor. 
HB 1062include officers of the National Park Service in the definition of a federal law enforcement officer. 
HB 1064revise the crime of aggravated incest. 
HB 1065revise certain provisions regarding the 24/7 sobriety program. 
HB 1067make an appropriation to defray operation costs of the 24/7 sobriety program and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1068authorize the Office of the Attorney General to construct a storage facility in Rapid City, South Dakota, and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1069make an appropriation to the coordinated natural resources conservation fund and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1070make an appropriation from the coordinated natural resources conservation fund to the State Conservation Commission. 
HB 1071revise certain provisions regarding the permissible costs payable from the fire suppression special revenue fund. 
HB 1072revise the intent of the appointments of panels for voluntary review of certain first level health care decisions. 
HB 1073require abuse and neglect registry screening for certain special advocacy volunteers and guardians ad litem. 
HB 1075require certain criminal record checks in adoption home studies for children in the custody of the Department of Social Services. 
HB 1078transfer in the code a section requiring certification for chemical dependency counselors and prevention specialists. 
HB 1079revise the tax credit for certain renewable resource energy systems. 
HB 1080authorize the Board of Regents to construct a student athlete development center on the campus of South Dakota State University and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1081authorize the Board of Regents to replace storage facilities at the Cottonwood Agricultural Experiment Station and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1082revise the appropriation for a new dairy manufacturing plant at South Dakota State University. 
HB 1083authorize the Board of Regents to construct a new public restroom facility at McCrory Gardens on the campus of South Dakota State University and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1084increase the previously enacted expenditure authority for certain approved construction projects and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1085authorize the South Dakota Building Authority to provide for the construction, reconstruction, renovation, and modernization of science facilities and laboratories at public universities and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1087revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2008 regarding appropriations to the Department of Executive Management, the Department of Revenue and Regulation, the Department of Game, Fish and Parks, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Education, the Board of Regents, the Department of Human Services, and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. 
HB 1088revise certain provisions relating to temporary custody prior to divorce or separate maintenance. 
HB 1090require that most records and applications regarding a child reference the names and addresses of both parents. 
HB 1092revise certain terminology in the statutes providing for standard child visitation guidelines. 
HB 1093revise certain provisions relating to the custody, service, and earnings of children. 
HB 1096authorize the court appointment of parenting coordinators in certain custody and visitation disputes. 
HB 1097provide for the imposition of certain sanctions against parties who willfully do not comply with custody or visitation decrees. 
HB 1099require custody or visitation dispute mediation under certain circumstances. 
HB 1100create a rebuttable presumption against the award of custody to any person with a proven history of domestic abuse. 
HB 1105revise certain provisions relating to the recording and indexing of homestead descriptions. 
HB 1107revise certain provisions relating to the promulgation of rules to set various licensing and other fees for certain professions and occupations. 
HB 1108repeal the election equipment replacement fund and to transfer the existing balance to the state general fund. 
HB 1109repeal the state lottery investigation fund. 
HB 1111revise the responsibilities of the Corrections Commission and to require an annual report of Corrections Commission activities. 
HB 1112revise certain provisions related to the direction, supervision, and registration fees for veterinary technicians. 
HB 1113provide minimum notice requirements to persons who lease real property for their own mobile or manufactured homes. 
HB 1114revise certain provisions concerning the definition and operation of farm wineries. 
HB 1115continue to appropriate funds to provide cochlear implants to certain children. 
HB 1118authorize the issuance of special off-sale package wine dealers licenses. 
HB 1119codify legislation enacted in 2007. 
HB 1120revise the property tax levies for the general fund of a school district. 
HB 1122increase the jurisdictional amount in certain civil actions and small claims proceedings. 
HB 1123establish a state renewable and recycled energy objective and to provide certain reporting requirements. 
HB 1125permit the local board of equalization to remain in session for a sufficient period of time to consider property assessment appeals. 
HB 1126revise certain provisions regarding the issuance of on-sale wine licenses and the sale of wine. 
HB 1129establish the Commission on Equal Access to Our Courts and to make an appropriation therefor and to provide for the distribution of any residual funds from class action lawsuits to the commission or other nonprofit charitable organizations. 
HB 1130revise certain provisions relating to the implementation by the court of the standard visitation guidelines. 
HB 1131permit the court to assess the crime victims' compensation surcharge in cases involving certain adjudicated children. 
HB 1132revise certain provisions concerning the circumstances under which children may be held in temporary custody. 
HB 1134revise the compensation of the members of recount boards. 
HB 1135revise certain provisions relating to filing petitions for protection and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1136revise certain provisions regarding the registration of business names. 
HB 1137adopt the Model Registered Agents Act. 
HB 1138prohibit the use of a false academic degree or a degree that is not completed. 
HB 1139revise certain provisions of the South Dakota Business Corporations Act regarding the issuance of shares and cumulative voting for directors. 
HB 1142authorize additional off-sale retail liquor licenses in certain municipalities. 
HB 1143repeal certain requirements related to school district employee retirement benefits. 
HB 1144make an appropriation for costs related to the purchase of motorcycles for use in the motorcycle safety training courses, and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1146revise certain provisions regarding subsequent administration of an estate. 
HB 1148exempt the land application of certain solid waste used for irrigation purposes from requirements related to large-scale solid waste facilities. 
HB 1149revise certain provisions regarding protection orders granted upon a finding of domestic abuse. 
HB 1151regulate the location and hours of operation of adult oriented businesses. 
HB 1157revise certain provisions relating to the residency or military presence of parties in divorce or separate maintenance proceedings. 
HB 1159revise certain provisions regarding franchise protection for certain types of merchandise. 
HB 1162prohibit the branding of a minor and to provide a penalty therefor. 
HB 1163increase the duration of juvenile diversion programs. 
HB 1164authorize the purchase or lease of computer hardware and software through the general fund of school districts. 
HB 1168clarify the penalty applicable to violations of certain no contact orders. 
HB 1170allow pneumatic tires with retractable studs to be used upon highways year round. 
HB 1173revise certain provisions pertaining to the effect of suspended impositions of sentence on parole eligibility of certain offenders. 
HB 1174revise certain provisions related to the composition of water development district boards of directors. 
HB 1178make an appropriation for the costs related to the intensive methamphetamine treatment program in the women's state correctional system. 
HB 1179make an appropriation for the support of the state fair. 
HB 1180appropriate money for the Northern Crops Institute. 
HB 1181revise certain provisions concerning information related to the assessment of property that is to be provided by the director of equalization. 
HB 1182revise certain provisions related to property tax assessments for elderly and disabled persons. 
HB 1186revise the eligibility requirements for the opportunity scholarship by allowing a student to take the ACT or SAT test after graduating from high school. 
HB 1191revise certain provisions regarding the display of customized motorcycles at certain events. 
HB 1194revise certain provisions regarding group life insurance policies. 
HB 1198revise the amount of a judgment in a petty offense case. 
HB 1200clarify the computation for premium tax payable for individual life insurance policies purchased by South Dakota residents. 
HB 1201revise certain provisions regarding the placement or return of abused or neglected children. 
HB 1203provide for the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages upon property adjoining licensed premises. 
HB 1210prohibit recyclers, scrap metal dealers, or scrap yard operators from purchasing certain beer kegs. 
HB 1211revise the audit requirements for farm mutual insurers. 
HB 1212allow the marketing of group insurance for wireless telecommunications equipment under certain conditions. 
HB 1213provide a uniform standard for processing of accident and health carrier policy rate and form filings. 
HB 1218increase the maximum allowable outstanding amount of bonds issued by the Health and Educational Facility Authority on behalf of the four technical institutes. 
HB 1224provide for the funding of certain reduced tuition programs for veterans. 
HB 1226provide funds to the postsecondary technical institutes. 
HB 1227appropriate money to postsecondary technical institutes for the maintenance and repair of buildings. 
HB 1228revise certain provisions related to bow hunting methods used by persons who are disabled or physically incapacitated. 
HB 1238revise the limitation period for commencing child abuse prosecutions. 
HB 1239permit persons convicted of driving under the influence to operate a vehicle for 24/7 sobriety testing and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1240increase certain vehicle dealer license fees. 
HB 1241provide licensed dealers additional time to deliver a title under certain conditions and to authorize the establishment of a transaction fee for certain online access to the title and registration system. 
HB 1245revise the boundaries of the Central Plains, East Dakota, James River, and South Central water development districts, and to revise provisions related to the board of directors in the affected districts. 
HB 1247prohibit certain contract restrictions on the sale of renewable motor fuels by retailers. 
HB 1248establish the South Dakota soil conservation award program and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1251authorize the Board of Regents to acquire land for the Higher Education Center--West River. 
HB 1255provide for the titling and registration of certain low-speed vehicles. 
HB 1260revise sex offender registry provisions for persons without a residence address. 
HB 1263establish a hunter mentoring program, to authorize hunting under certain conditions by persons less than sixteen years of age, and to authorize the Game, Fish and Parks Commission to promulgate rules. 
HB 1265prohibit the sale, purchase, use, or possession of alcohol without liquid devices. 
HB 1271abolish the doctrine of abatement ab initio of a criminal proceeding and to provide for the posthumous sentencing of certain criminal defendants. 
HB 1272revise the defined sources of renewable electricity and recycled energy. 
HB 1274revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2008 regarding the South Dakota opportunity scholarships. 
HB 1276make an appropriation to fund tax refunds for elderly persons and persons with a disability of property tax and sales tax and to revise the income eligibility requirements for property tax and sales tax refunds. 
HB 1277make appropriations from the general fund, the water and environment fund, the environment and natural resources fee fund, the water pollution control revolving fund subfund, and the drinking water revolving fund subfund for various water and environmental purposes, to revise the state cost share for the Lewis and Clark Rural Water System, to revise the state water plan, and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1283revise on-sale alcoholic beverage license fees for certain municipalities and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1288allow any school district that qualifies for both the declining enrollment allowance and the growing enrollment payment in the same fiscal year to only benefit from the one that provides the most additional funding to the district. 
HB 1290exempt certain entities from certain requirements for persons in the business of mortgage lending. 
HB 1302establish notification requirements for certain relatives of children in the custody of the Department of Social Services. 
HB 1312change the South Dakota virtual high school to the South Dakota virtual school. 
HB 1313prohibit the use of certain electronic communication devices to communicate threats and harassment and to provide a penalty therefor. 
HB 1314authorize the Department of Game, Fish and Parks to sell and convey real and personal property located at the Spring Creek Recreation Area and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1318provide options for those who elect continuation of health insurance. 
HB 1320provide tax incentives for certain wind energy facilities and energy transmission equipment. 
HB 1321revise certain provisions concerning alcoholic beverage licenses authorized for certain municipal facilities. 

Senate Bill

SB 1provide for nomination and election when a vacancy occurs in the office of representative in the United States Congress due to extraordinary circumstances. 
SB 2prohibit public access to birth dates of voters contained in the master voter registration file. 
SB 3revise certain procedures concerning elections for special districts and to declare an emergency. 
SB 4revise certain provisions concerning campaign finance reporting requirements and to establish certain penalties. 
SB 5revise the requirement that the South Dakota Conservancy District pay interest on its bonds semiannually and to revise certain provisions regarding the district's authority to issue fixed or variable rate bonds. 
SB 6revise certain provisions to allow the transfer of ownership of an application to appropriate water. 
SB 7make an appropriation for the renovation of the National Guard armory in Yankton and to declare an emergency. 
SB 9provide for the disposal of state surplus property. 
SB 10include Dakota and Nakota with certain requirements for instruction in the Lakota language. 
SB 11revise certain provisions regarding corrosion protection for tank piping systems and aboveground tanks containing flammable or combustible liquids and used in retail motor fuel dispensing operations. 
SB 12update certain provisions pertaining to motor carrier safety and transportation of hazardous materials. 
SB 13revise certain provisions regarding the suspension of a minor's driving privileges. 
SB 14extend the time allowed to request a hearing or pay an audit assessment. 
SB 15provide certain provisions regarding an electronic vehicle title. 
SB 16require continuing education of plumbing contractors, plumbers, apprentice plumbers, restricted plumbing contractors, and restricted plumbers. 
SB 17revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of banks. 
SB 18revise certain dates pertaining to references to the Internal Revenue Code. 
SB 19revise certain provisions regarding the duties of the executive director of the South Dakota Science and Technology Authority. 
SB 21revise certain provisions related to the interstate enrollment options program. 
SB 22revise certain provisions related to the payment of additional funds to consolidated school districts and to declare an emergency. 
SB 24make an appropriation to reimburse certain school districts for consolidation incentives. 
SB 25repeal certain provisions regarding the calculation of state aid to education. 
SB 27revise the state requirement for inspection of school food service programs. 
SB 28make an appropriation to reimburse certain family physicians, midlevel practitioners, and dentists who have complied with the requirements of the physician tuition reimbursement program, the midlevel tuition reimbursement program, or the dental tuition reimbursement program. 
SB 29make an appropriation to fund a dental externship program. 
SB 30revise the minimum fire safety standards for specialty resorts. 
SB 31provide for certification of chiropractic assistants. 
SB 32establish a separate licensure category for vacation home establishments and to require vacation home establishments to meet minimum fire safety standards. 
SB 34allow certified nurse midwives to attend out-of-hospital births under certain circumstances. 
SB 36revise the discount medical plan organization's renewal period requirements. 
SB 37establish certain suitability requirements for annuities. 
SB 38revise certain provisions relating to the consideration of assets for the purpose of long-term care eligibility. 
SB 39revise certain provisions regarding the suspension, implementation, and refund of electric or natural gas rates. 
SB 40establish certain requirements regarding the separation and protection of a gas and electric public utility's assets. 
SB 41revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of public storage warehouses. 
SB 42repeal certain provisions regarding the regulation of public warehouses by the Public Utilities Commission. 
SB 43revise the requirements regarding the siting of energy facilities. 
SB 44revise certain provisions regarding the licensing and regulation of grain dealers and buyers. 
SB 45revise the requirements regarding the licensing and regulation of public grain warehouses, to establish a grain warehouse fund, and to make a continuous appropriation from that fund. 
SB 46increase certain license fees for grain buyers and grain warehouses. 
SB 47make an appropriation for costs related to disasters in the state and to declare an emergency. 
SB 48make an appropriation for the payment of extraordinary litigation expenses and to declare an emergency. 
SB 49make an appropriation for costs related to suppression of wildfires in the state and to declare an emergency. 
SB 50change the name of the Board of Counselor Examiners. 
SB 51revise certain terminology, licensing requirements, and procedures regarding the Board of Examiners of Psychologists. 
SB 52revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of franchises and business opportunities. 
SB 53revise certain provisions related to capital punishment. 
SB 54revise certain provisions regarding the duties and reporting requirements for the South Dakota Energy Infrastructure Authority. 
SB 55authorize the Board of Regents to convey a tract of land in Pennington County to the United States Air Force and to declare an emergency. 
SB 57authorize the Board of Regents to construct a roadway on the campus of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 58authorize the Board of Regents to demolish Seymour Hall at Northern State University. 
SB 63require local law enforcement officers to provide certain information to repossession businesses under certain circumstances. 
SB 64provide certain provisions regarding the regulation of recreational park trailers. 
SB 65define intentional exposure to HIV infection by sexual intercourse as a sex crime subject to registry as a sex offender. 
SB 68repeal certain provisions regarding mufflers on motorcycles. 
SB 69add marijuana to the list of abusive substances for the purposes of determining child abuse. 
SB 77repeal the provision that prohibits radio or televison broadcasting or taking of photographs of judicial proceedings from courtrooms. 
SB 80restrict the release or use of social security numbers by the state and its political subdivisions unless certain security measures are taken. 
SB 82revise certain provisions concerning the accumulation of funds by counties for capital outlay purposes. 
SB 83repeal a medical malpractice limitation applicable to minors aged six or over. 
SB 84revise certain miscellaneous provisions of the trust statutes. 
SB 85revise certain provisions regarding the trust business in banks and the trust company business. 
SB 87reduce the period of effectiveness for cease and desist orders issued to certain dealers. 
SB 88require abortion facilities to offer sonograms to pregnant women under certain circumstances. 
SB 92revise certain provisions concerning the classification and taxation of real property. 
SB 93revise the uniform commercial code. 
SB 95increase certain fees collected by sheriffs for collecting delinquent taxes. 
SB 97revise certain provisions regarding property condition disclosure statements. 
SB 100revise the definition of certain public entities that are prohibited from making political campaign contributions. 
SB 109authorize the Fourth Circuit drug court program in the Unified Judicial System, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 111extend the prohibition of road hunting of big game to include hunting using certain additional weapons. 
SB 112revise eligibility requirements for continuation of health care coverage. 
SB 114allow for risk pool eligibility and rate flexibility for certain health insurance conversion plans. 
SB 116revise certain provisions concerning the assessment of real property and to revise the makeup of the implementation and oversight advisory task force. 
SB 123provide for certain requirements for the sale and purchase of nonferrous metal property. 
SB 124revise certain provisions related to format standards for real estate documents. 
SB 126allow municipalities and counties to issue additional on-sale alcoholic beverage licenses. 
SB 128revise certain provisions regarding the modification of credit card agreements. 
SB 131provide for the maintenance and safeguarding of voter registration records. 
SB 132clarify provisions regarding the continuation of coverage after an employer ceases business operations. 
SB 133require that any adult arrested for a qualifying offense provide a DNA sample. 
SB 134increase the pesticide registration fee, to revise its allocation, to revise certain related provisions, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 139revise the definition for authorized emergency vehicles. 
SB 140revise the application requirements for property tax exemptions provided for dwellings owned and occupied by disabled veterans. 
SB 143revise certain provisions regarding collection and administration of the 911 emergency surcharge and operation of 911 services. 
SB 148provide for a tax incentive for fuel blended with biodiesel. 
SB 153authorize the Governor to enter the Midwestern Regional Higher Education Compact and the Western Regional Education Compact, and to provide for the appointment of resident members to both commissions.  
SB 155provide state aid to education to certain school districts for certain students. 
SB 156revise certain provisions regarding special motor vehicle license plates for veterans with a disability, prisoners of war, Pearl Harbor survivors, and Purple Heart recipients. 
SB 157revise the surety bond requirements for persons employed by mortgage brokerages. 
SB 158clarify certain provisions regarding the supervision, rehabilitation, and liquidation of insurers. 
SB 162revise certain provisions related to the confidentiality of certain geological reports. 
SB 163revise certain provisions related to the initiation of modifications to county comprehensive plans. 
SB 173exempt certain dairies from the restrictions of the Family Farm Act. 
SB 174revise certain provisions relating to the exercise of eminent domain by railroads. 
SB 176authorize the Legislative Research Council to remodel, renovate, and furnish certain facilities on the fourth floor of the State Capitol Building for use by the Legislature, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 177revise certain provisions regarding the disposal of abandoned tenant's property left on leased residential premises. 
SB 180make an appropriation to provide certain refunds of sales tax on food. 
SB 182expand the disclosure of inpatient hospital charges and to provide for the development of a system for the disclosure of charges for outpatient procedures. 
SB 186revise certain provisions regarding public records. 
SB 187revise the state aid to education formula for the purpose of increasing teachers salaries, to direct the Department of Education to review certain curriculum and to develop a framework for a twenty-first century high school, to create the Teacher Compensation Assistance Program Advisory Council, and to revise certain provisions related to the payment of additional funds to consolidating school districts. 
SB 188establish high performance building design and construction standards for newly constructed or renovated state-owned buildings. 
SB 190provide for regulatory oversight of oil pipelines and to create a task force. 
SB 192authorize the Board of Regents to lease a site for delivery of public higher education in Pierre and to use money appropriated by the Legislature from the higher education facilities fund to make lease payments therefor. 
SB 199revise certain provisions concerning public meetings. 
SB 200establish a statewide trauma system. 
SB 201revise certain eligibility requirements for the South Dakota opportunity scholarship. 
SB 202prohibit certain military sales practices for life insurance and annuities. 
SB 203appropriate money for the ordinary expenses of the legislative, judicial, and executive departments of the state, the expenses of state institutions, interest on the public debt, and for common schools. 

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