2009 Bills Signed By Governor

House Bill

HB 1001revise certain provisions related to free access to state parks and recreation areas to include certain persons with disabilities. 
HB 1004provide for the killing of mountain lions under certain circumstances. 
HB 1009require certain tax refund claims for construction projects and certain documents and records in support of tax refund claims for construction projects to be filed within certain time periods. 
HB 1010revise certain provisions regarding the imposition of sales and use tax on telecommunications services and ancillary services. 
HB 1011revise restrictions on the assignment and transfer of certain tax refund permits and refund claims. 
HB 1013revise certain provisions pertaining to the South Dakota Retirement System, the South Dakota deferred compensation plan, and the South Dakota special pay retirement program. 
HB 1014revise certain restrictions on the purchase of certain credited service by members of the South Dakota Retirement System. 
HB 1015revise certain provisions regarding inmate appeal of prison disciplinary actions. 
HB 1016revise the applicability of the rules of evidence to proceedings before the Board of Pardons and Paroles. 
HB 1017revise certain provisions regarding the escape from a nonsecure facility. 
HB 1018require a portion of the annual report filing fee paid by certain entities to be deposited in the financing statement and annual report filing fee fund. 
HB 1019revise certain provisions and procedures regarding elections. 
HB 1020revise certain provisions regarding campaign finance requirements. 
HB 1021provide for a contested case hearing on the denial of a claim for the recovery of an allegedly overpaid tax, penalty, or interest. 
HB 1022make certain members of limited liability companies and partners of partnerships personally responsible for certain tax debts. 
HB 1023authorize the secretary of transportation to create limited speed zones through highway work areas under certain conditions. 
HB 1024authorize the Department of Transportation to regulate the operation of off-road vehicles in certain state highway ditches. 
HB 1025revise the basic salary schedule for county veteran's service officers. 
HB 1026revise certain provisions permitting cities and counties to issue full-service restaurant on-sale alcohol licenses. 
HB 1027provide for certain employer insurance assistance programs. 
HB 1028revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of real estate appraisers and the conditions upon which a penalty may be imposed on a real estate appraiser. 
HB 1029modify the requirements for a filing of a consent to rate for property casualty insurance. 
HB 1030repeal certain requirements for the filing of annual actuarial certifications. 
HB 1031increase the maximum allowable expense for erecting certain veteran's grave markers and headstones. 
HB 1032revise the definition of an accredited prevention or treatment facility for the purposes of the prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. 
HB 1033make an appropriation for the construction of an addition to the admissions area of the George S. Mickelson Center for the Neurosciences at the Human Services Center. 
HB 1034revise certain provisions relating to earnings subject to garnishment. 
HB 1035require the Secretary of State to redact certain numbers before furnishing copies of information. 
HB 1036require the redaction of certain numbers before furnishing copies of information. 
HB 1037increase the fees for mailing motor vehicle license plates and decals and to impose a fee for the reassignment of a license plate. 
HB 1038increase the license fees for coin-operated washers and dryers, to increase the brand registration fees on certain alcoholic beverages, to increase the fees for certain malt beverage and wine licenses, and to revise the distribution of certain malt beverage and wine license fees. 
HB 1040revise certain license, registration, and inspection fees related to food service establishments, lodging establishments, and campgrounds. 
HB 1041provide physicians with a limited permit to practice medicine within a residency program and to revise certain provisions regarding the Board of Examiners authority to administer resident certificates and resident training permits. 
HB 1042permit an extension to the required examination time period allowed for certain medical licensing examinations. 
HB 1043make an appropriation to reimburse certain family physicians and dentists who have complied with the requirements of the physician tuition reimbursement program or the dental tuition reimbursement program. 
HB 1044define a multidistrict, career and technical academy and to provide provisions for the establishment of such an academy. 
HB 1045repeal the provisions for the South Dakota Academic Achievement Test Advisory Council. 
HB 1046revise the eligibility requirements for the Richard Hagen-Minerva Harvey memorial scholarship award. 
HB 1047increase the membership of the board of directors of the Economic Development Finance Authority. 
HB 1048increase the transfer from the water and environment fund, and increase the solid waste management fee, mining license and permit fees, water right filing and permit application fees, and well driller and pump installer license fees, all of which are deposited in the environment and natural resources fee fund. 
HB 1049revise certain provisions regarding captive insurance companies. 
HB 1050revise the annual financial reporting requirements of insurance companies. 
HB 1051make the sale or purchase of lawfully mounted fish an exception to the prohibition against the sale or purchase of fish taken from the waters of the state. 
HB 1053repeal the prohibition against the resale of certain seized or abandoned property purchased from the secretary of game, fish and parks. 
HB 1054authorize certain youth licensees who possess a disabled hunting permit to hunt big game animals using a designated hunter. 
HB 1055authorize the Department of Game, Fish and Parks to sell certain real property located at the Cleghorn Fish Hatchery to the City of Rapid City. 
HB 1056authorize education programs required by the State Cosmetology Commission to be taught at branch schools. 
HB 1057revise the maximum reimbursement for workers' compensation burial expenses. 
HB 1058revise certain practice privileges for certified public accountants licensed in other states. 
HB 1060revise certain provisions regarding the mortgage lender business and to provide for fees and penalties related thereto. 
HB 1062increase the reward for certain information regarding livestock thefts. 
HB 1063revise certain brand registration provisions concerning out-of-state brands on cattle sold in the livestock inspection area. 
HB 1066revise certain responsibilities of the Supreme Court regarding the Commission on Judicial Qualifications. 
HB 1067allow the voters of a school district to discontinue school board representation areas. 
HB 1069increase certain fees charged by the Office of the Secretary of State. 
HB 1070revise certain fees pertaining to seed permits and nursery certificates of inspection. 
HB 1071revise certain fees, licenses, and other requirements for milk plants and dairy farms. 
HB 1072increase the gross receipts tax imposed on visitor-related businesses. 
HB 1074increase certain expenditure authority previously granted to the Board of Regents, to designate circumstances in which such authority may be used, to appropriate funds therefor, and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1076authorize the Board of Regents to replace certain real estate held for agriculture field laboratory research purposes, to make improvements to the replacement lands, and to make an appropriation for such purposes. 
HB 1079revise certain provisions regarding the sex offender registry. 
HB 1080revise certain provisions relating to internet and mail order sales of cigarettes and tobacco products. 
HB 1081make an appropriation for operation costs of the 24/7 sobriety program and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1082revise the procedure to adopt rules. 
HB 1083authorize the South Dakota Commission on Gaming to assess costs of certain special meetings. 
HB 1084permit the appointment of a special advocate to represent the best interests of an apparent or alleged abused or neglected child. 
HB 1085revise certain provisions concerning magistrate judge jurisdiction. 
HB 1086provide for and to require the attachment of an affidavit in certain garnishment proceedings. 
HB 1087revise certain provisions concerning the number of peremptory challenges in cases involving very high felonies. 
HB 1088provide for the continuance of certain ex parte temporary protection orders. 
HB 1089provide the court with discretion in ordering certain hearings on protection order petitions. 
HB 1090prohibit the possession of Salvia divinorum or salvinorin A and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1092regulate the practice of genetic counseling and to prohibit the practice of genetic counseling without a license. 
HB 1093revise the boundaries of the James River Water Development District. 
HB 1094require applicants for licensure as real estate brokers, broker associates, salespersons, property managers, residential rental agents, auctioneers, home inspectors, and timeshare agents and such licensees who are the subject of a disciplinary investigation to submit to a state and federal criminal background check. 
HB 1095include the improper influence of a real estate appraisal by a real estate licensee to the acts constituting unprofessional conduct. 
HB 1097provide for certain filing fees and surcharges in certain civil cases and to provide exemptions in certain cases. 
HB 1099revise certain provisions regarding insurance coverage for residential property that is destroyed while under construction. 
HB 1100revise where business records of insurance producers may be maintained. 
HB 1101allow affidavits for change of judge in habeas corpus actions. 
HB 1103revise certain provisions regarding limited partnerships and limited liability companies related to the rights of judgment creditors. 
HB 1104authorize a sentencing court to impose consecutive revocations of hunting, fishing, or trapping privileges under certain conditions. 
HB 1108repeal certain provisions relating to the purchase of stationery for county officers. 
HB 1110repeal certain provisions relating to limited liability for Y2K litigation. 
HB 1111clarify and repeal certain redundancies in the provisions relating to the sale of substandard milk. 
HB 1112establish certain restrictions and requirements related to encumbrances on wind easements. 
HB 1114allow a broker to form certain business entities under certain conditions. 
HB 1115increase the education requirement for broker associate license. 
HB 1116require post-licensing education for broker associates. 
HB 1117permit water user districts to provide certain health and life insurance benefits. 
HB 1118revise the type of slot machines that may be owned or leased by the City of Deadwood. 
HB 1119permit background checks for persons seeking employment with municipalities. 
HB 1121establish certain procedural requirements related to the relocation of electrical lines, communication lines, and pipelines. 
HB 1122require that prosecutors notify victims of domestic abuse regarding the status of their case. 
HB 1123remove certain sanctions related to public assistance for certain felony drug offenders. 
HB 1124prohibit improper influence regarding real estate appraisals. 
HB 1126revise certain provisions regarding a private applicator of pesticides becoming a qualified driver for the purpose of motor carrier safety. 
HB 1129ensure the integrity of pipelines to be used for the transportation of carbon dioxide for the purpose of enhanced oil recovery or geologic carbon sequestration. 
HB 1133authorize certain specialty license plates to be placed on motorcycles. 
HB 1134require notice of the cost of certain public notices. 
HB 1136repeal certain provisions relating to the purchase of private water lines. 
HB 1138provide for the defeasance of the Commission on the Status of Women. 
HB 1139repeal certain obsolete provisions relating to the discontinuance of county homes. 
HB 1140make an appropriation from the railroad trust fund for the construction of a railroad siding. 
HB 1145revise provisions related to the waiver or reduction of certain special assessments. 
HB 1148clarify requirements for employment of a city engineer. 
HB 1149allow a person or entity to offer postsecondary education credit in South Dakota while seeking accreditation from a recognized accrediting agency. 
HB 1150revise certain requirements for any person to sell motorcycles at an event and to provide a penalty for violation thereof. 
HB 1152establish certain requirements relating to appraisals of real property by the Department of Game, Fish and Parks. 
HB 1153revise the elements of the crime of indecent exposure involving a child, to revise the elements of the crime of indecent exposure, and to establish the crime of private indecent exposure. 
HB 1155require that the testing of blood samples of suspects of sexual assault be initiated within a specified time. 
HB 1158revise certain provisions relating to private placement policies. 
HB 1159provide for the adjustment of prices in certain public contracts. 
HB 1163provide for excusing certain elderly persons from jury duty upon request. 
HB 1166provide for DNA testing for certain inmates for the purposes of determining whether they may have been wrongfully convicted. 
HB 1167revise the statute of frauds with respect to the sale of grain, grain sorghums, beans, and oilseeds. 
HB 1173appropriate money for the Northern Crops Institute. 
HB 1176revise the earnings requirement for the purpose of receiving unemployment insurance benefits. 
HB 1177revise the definition of transmission facilities. 
HB 1183leverage public investments in higher education facilities and grant programs with private moneys, to authorize the Board of Regents and the South Dakota Building Authority to contract for construction of the Higher Education Center-West River, to fund certain postsecondary education grant programs, to authorize the use of higher education facilities funds to construct the new dairy manufacturing plant at South Dakota State University in Brookings, and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1184clarify provisions dealing with the initiative process. 
HB 1186reimburse and reward public school counselors who earn the credential of National Certified School Counselor. 
HB 1202permit certain persons with insulin-treated diabetes mellitus to get an endorsement on a commercial driver license to drive a school bus. 
HB 1205permit an applicant for a responsible broker's license to complete the required fifteen hours of education beyond the broker associate level after licensure as a responsible broker. 
HB 1207provide for the reduction of certain sentences upon provision of substantial assistance from the recipient. 
HB 1211revise the time frame and requirements for certain alcoholic beverage licensees to provide on-sale service of alcoholic beverages on Sunday. 
HB 1212revise certain requirements of written contract documents for public improvements. 
HB 1213allow school districts to enter into group health insurance contracts that include dental and vision insurance, and to allow school districts to offer group life and group health insurance benefits to retired employees. 
HB 1214remove certain speed restrictions for certain vehicles hauling agricultural products or livestock. 
HB 1215transfer funds from the tax relief fund to the general fund and to revise certain provisions concerning the effective date of the collection allowance. 
HB 1231increase the exemption on the proceeds of the sale of certain homesteads. 
HB 1233revise certain provisions regarding the campaign finance reporting of the expenditures of certain organizations. 
HB 1237make an appropriation to fund certain property and sales tax refunds for elderly persons and persons living with a disability, to make an appropriation to fund sales tax on food refunds, and to revise the eligibility requirements for the sales tax on food refund program. 
HB 1238make appropriations from the water and environment fund, the water pollution control revolving fund subfund, and the drinking water revolving fund subfund for various water and environmental purposes and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1239create the South Dakota Boxing Commission and to provide for the supervision of boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts competitions and sparring exhibitions in the state. 
HB 1240prohibit smoking tobacco or carrying lighted tobacco products in certain places and to require certain persons to inform violators of the prohibition. 
HB 1243modify the requirements regarding the ownership and use of local government endowment funds. 
HB 1246revise certain provisions relating to service of garnishee summons, affidavit, and garnishment disclosure. 
HB 1251impose an additional tax on the proceeds of Deadwood gaming. 
HB 1252repeal certain provisions relating to the education enhancement tobacco tax fund. 
HB 1253revise certain provisions regarding administration of the catastrophic county poor relief fund. 
HB 1254exclude any federal stimulus funds in a school district's general fund when determining its allowable general fund balance. 
HB 1255revise certain provisions concerning the telecommunications gross receipts tax. 
HB 1260require that a request for proposals be issued for certain state contracts for professional services. 
HB 1263revise certain provisions concerning compensation for service rights of electric utilities in areas annexed by municipalities. 
HB 1265allow sellers to receive attorney fees in actions involving the disclosure statement required for certain real estate transfers. 
HB 1268revise certain provisions concerning the maximum number of alcoholic beverage retail licenses that may be held by any person, corporation, or business. 
HB 1270change the purpose of the veterans affairs special revenue fund. 
HB 1271authorize the South Dakota Building Authority and the Department of Corrections to provide for the purchase, design, construction, and equipping of a combined minimum security/parole facility in Rapid City for the Department of Corrections. 
HB 1275authorize electronic bingo devices. 
HB 1280create reduced ignition propensity standards for cigarettes, to authorize the state fire marshal to monitor such standards, and to provide penalties therefor. 
HB 1300appropriate money for the ordinary expenses of the legislative, judicial, and executive departments of the state, the expenses of state institutions, interest on the public debt, and for common schools. 
HB 1301create the South Dakota Ellsworth Development Authority. 

Senate Bill

SB 1clarify, repeal, update, and make form and style revisions to certain statutes related to the Department of Game, Fish and Parks. 
SB 3revise certain provisions concerning the assessment of agricultural land. 
SB 4provide for additional responsibilities to the Agricultural Land Assessment Implementation and Oversight Advisory Task Force. 
SB 5revise the form and style of certain provisions and to delete certain obsolete provisions regarding the Department of Tourism and State Development. 
SB 6revise certain requirements regarding the code. 
SB 7codify legislation enacted in 2008. 
SB 8revise certain provisions relating to the promulgation of rules to set various licensing and other fees for certain professions and occupations. 
SB 12limit the amount of tax refunds for construction projects that are located in areas that are included in a tax collection agreement between the state and an Indian tribe. 
SB 13revise certain provisions regarding the title to real property obtained by a tax deed. 
SB 14revise certain provisions regarding references to the Internal Revenue Code and to repeal an obsolete reference to the Internal Revenue Code. 
SB 15revise certain provisions regarding the confidentiality and release of certain child abuse or neglect information. 
SB 16revise certain provisions regarding the taxation of biodiesel and biodiesel blends. 
SB 17revise certain driver licensing provisions. 
SB 18update certain provisions pertaining to motor carrier safety and transportation of hazardous materials. 
SB 19revise the grounds for which continuation or conversion is not required for certain group health policies. 
SB 20revise the lifetime benefit maximum for the health insurance risk pool. 
SB 21impose a fuel excise tax on ethyl alcohol and methyl alcohol used in motor vehicles on the public roads and highways, to repeal the fuel excise tax on ethanol blends and E85 and M85, and to revise certain provisions regarding the fuel excise tax. 
SB 22authorize counties to borrow funds for the construction and operation of solid waste management facilities through the issuance of revenue bonds and to set rates in an amount sufficient to retire the bonds. 
SB 23revise the state trunk highway system. 
SB 24revise certain provisions regarding the retention of insurance claim files. 
SB 27revise certain provisions regarding the renewal of limited or restricted insurance producer's licenses. 
SB 28repeal certain provisions regarding the coordination of benefits and the rescission of individual health insurance. 
SB 29revise the requirements for replacement or discontinuance of group life insurance policies. 
SB 30repeal the requirement that the Department of Transportation file a copy of the official state trunk highway map with every county auditor. 
SB 31revise certain labeling requirements for gasoline or gasoline blends. 
SB 32increase certain fees related to the use of motor vehicles. 
SB 33revise certain provisions regarding permission to carry a concealed pistol and to repeal certain requirements concerning applications to purchase a pistol. 
SB 35revise the definition of an assisted living center. 
SB 36revise certain drug registration fees and license fees related to health care facilities. 
SB 37establish certain immunity for volunteers of the statewide emergency registry of volunteers for South Dakota program. 
SB 38require school districts to keep contiguous boundaries when reorganizing. 
SB 39make an appropriation to the Department of Education to reimburse certain school districts for consolidation incentives and to declare an emergency. 
SB 40revise the financial assurance requirements for responding to accidental releases of chemical or biological ore leaching agents from certain permitted mines. 
SB 42provide an application deadline for sales and use tax refunds regarding certain storage facilities. 
SB 45provide an exception to the practice of seclusion as it pertains to the treatment of a person with a developmental disability. 
SB 46change the name of adjustment training center to community support provider. 
SB 47make an appropriation for costs related to suppression of wildfires in the state and to declare an emergency. 
SB 48make an appropriation for costs related to disasters in the state and to declare an emergency. 
SB 50revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2009. 
SB 51provide for a drug screening program for certain applicants and employees of the Wildland Fire Suppression Division. 
SB 52make an appropriation from the coordinated natural resources conservation fund to the State Conservation Commission. 
SB 53modify the type of financial documents required for a grain buyer's license and to declare an emergency. 
SB 54revise how certain rates are determined for grain warehouse operators. 
SB 55revise the requirements regarding the licensing and regulation of grain buyers. 
SB 56change certain references regarding a grain dealer to a grain buyer. 
SB 57allow the use of energy efficiency and conservation to count toward the state's renewable and recycled energy objective. 
SB 58require notification regarding the construction of certain wind energy projects. 
SB 59revise certain provisions regarding the amount of the filing fee for the siting of energy facilities. 
SB 60authorize the Public Utilities Commission to implement and comply with certain federal energy acts. 
SB 61update certain citations to federal regulations regarding pipeline safety inspection. 
SB 62repeal certain provisions regarding the delegation of powers by the Public Utilities Commission. 
SB 64establish certain energy efficiency disclosure requirements for new residential buildings. 
SB 65revise certain provisions relating to child support. 
SB 66authorize the Board of Regents to construct an addition to the Northern State University Joseph H. Barnett Center and to accept donations for such purpose and to make an appropriation thereof. 
SB 68authorize the establishment, operation, and control of research parks on state land in Sioux Falls. 
SB 69revise the requirement for a fire equipment shop. 
SB 70repeal the provision requiring a forty-eight hour waiting period to purchase a pistol. 
SB 73permit persons sixteen years of age to donate blood under certain circumstances. 
SB 74direct the Office of the Attorney General to study the creation of a state medical examiner system. 
SB 76require background investigations for certain optometrist licensees and applicants. 
SB 77repeal the maximum number of off-sale alcoholic beverage licenses that may be issued to any person, corporation, or business entity and to establish requirements for physical barriers for certain off-sale alcoholic beverage establishments. 
SB 78provide for a plan to be presented to the Legislature regarding the need for additional drug courts and certain other correctional issues. 
SB 80revise the property tax levies for the general fund of a school district. 
SB 84revise certain provisions relating to collateral real estate mortgages. 
SB 86revise certain provisions concerning the application of the inventory tax on certain fuels in storage immediately prior to a tax increase. 
SB 88rescind the repeal on funding for sparse school districts that will take effect on June 30, 2009. 
SB 89adopt the revised uniform commercial code, Article 7-Documents of Title. 
SB 90increase the number of varieties of malt beverages, wine, distilled spirits, liqueur, and cordials that an off-sale alcoholic beverage licensee may offer for sampling in one day. 
SB 91allow any school district, for a period of three years, to expend capital outlay funds for certain transportation costs, for the purchase of property and casualty insurance, and for energy costs, and the cost of utilities. 
SB 96revise certain provisions concerning the indemnification of employees, officers, and agents of rural electric cooperatives. 
SB 99authorize Supreme Court rules related to the collection of fees, costs, and civil penalties. 
SB 100revise the method of sale of certain tobacco products. 
SB 101clarify the school residence of a child assigned to an approved out of district special education residential or tuition day program when the residence of the child's parent or guardian changes. 
SB 105require the State Brand Board to provide certain reports and information and to provide for Senate confirmation for Brand Board members. 
SB 106revise certain provisions regarding the distribution of funds to sparse school districts, and to appropriate funds to distribute to sparse school districts. 
SB 107revise certain provisions regarding the posting of the penalty for the illegal use of a designated parking space for a person with a physical disability. 
SB 108exclude parole agents from concealed weapons permit requirements. 
SB 109revise the provisions for the risk pool to allow uninsurable children to enroll and to provide for additional funding. 
SB 110repeal the limited campaign finance disclosure statement which could be used by certain candidates or candidate campaign committees for legislative office. 
SB 115revise certain provisions related to the initiation of modifications to county comprehensive plans. 
SB 117revise certain budgetary provisions relating to certain funds received from the federal government. 
SB 119revise the authority of the state, counties, and townships to transfer highway right-of-ways under certain conditions. 
SB 121revise certain provisions related to municipal election procedures. 
SB 122clarify the status of property contiguous to a municipality that is crossed by railroad property. 
SB 123revise certain evidentiary rules relating to the statements of children. 
SB 126revise certain provisions regarding school attendance. 
SB 127revise certain provisions relating to trust administration. 
SB 128create a limited electrician license. 
SB 129revise certain conditions that must be met before an extension of State Highway 53 in Tripp County is added to the state trunk highway system. 
SB 130require written consent for the issuance of certain disinterment permits. 
SB 131authorize sheriffs to order autopsies. 
SB 132allow resident students that attend school out of state to be counted in the resident school district's average daily membership for the purpose of distributing school and public lands funds. 
SB 133provide for central filing of documents necessary to perfect a security interest in personal property or fixtures of a rural electric cooperative. 
SB 136repeal the provision that requires cooperatives to set aside a portion of the net proceeds as an education fund. 
SB 140allow school districts to enter into contractual agreements to provide for the whole-grade sharing of students. 
SB 141establish certain requirements regarding the siting of certain wind turbine towers. 
SB 143require a searchable internet website for the posting and access of certain public records and financial information. 
SB 144require certain contracts to be retained in the contract's original format or made available by a publicly accessible internet website or database. 
SB 147provide for public access to public records, to provide certain exemptions, and to provide for judicial remedies for noncompliance. 
SB 148permit the cancellation of insurance when a person is no longer a participant in the 24/7 sobriety program. 
SB 149revise certain provisions regarding the general fund levies of school districts. 
SB 151provide for a special motor vehicle license plate for parents of members of the United States Armed Forces who died while in service of this country. 
SB 154require new construction of certain structures and buildings to comply with the building code. 
SB 155provide for the revision of certain offensive geographic place names. 
SB 158provide for the recall of certain officials in third class municipalities. 
SB 159revise certain provisions regarding bank names. 
SB 160revise the grounds for which a license of an athletic trainer may be revoked, suspended, or canceled. 
SB 161prohibit the use of federal income tax credits when assessing property. 
SB 164revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2009 to fund the South Dakota Opportunity Scholarship. 
SB 165provide for the authorization of certain private, nonprofit benevolent organizations to assist in funding certain school curricula, activities, and programs. 
SB 173revise the elements of the crimes of vehicular homicide and vehicular battery. 
SB 174require a school district to which a former contracting school district is annexed to assign certain resident students to a school district in a bordering state, and to temporarily exempt certain school districts from the requirement to reorganize due to low enrollment. 
SB 180revise certain provisions concerning statements submitted by organizations making contributions to ballot questions committees. 
SB 183establish certain requirements concerning the publication of county notices. 
SB 184require the terms of certain easements or options to accommodate other easements for wind or essential services. 
SB 185revise the graduation requirements for students entering ninth grade in 2010 and thereafter by eliminating the option of the basic high school program. 
SB 186provide for the imposition of a late payment fee for certain chronically delinquent child support obligations. 
SB 187allow the merger or consolidation of a cooperative and its subsidiary. 
SB 190revise certain allocations for disabilities in the state aid for special education formula. 
SB 202require the Bureau of Administration to prepare a report regarding the energy efficiency of state agencies. 

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