2010 Bills Signed By Governor

House Bill

HB 1001allow municipalities and counties to issue certain special alcoholic beverage licenses and to repeal certain special alcoholic beverage licenses. 
HB 1002revise certain provisions regarding the days and hours that alcoholic beverages may be sold on a licensed premise and who may sell, serve, or dispense alcoholic beverages on a licensed premise and to revise certain provisions concerning the power of municipalities and counties to regulate the sale and use of alcoholic beverages. 
HB 1005make form and style revisions to certain statutes related to the Bureau of Personnel. 
HB 1006repeal, update, and make form and style revisions to certain statutes related to the Department of Transportation. 
HB 1007repeal, update, and make form and style revisions to certain statutes related to the Aeronautics Commission. 
HB 1008codify legislation enacted in 2009. 
HB 1010revise the requirements for the compilation and printing of the legislative manual referred to as the blue book. 
HB 1011revise certain provisions related to high-performance green building standards. 
HB 1013authorize the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to accept certain documents submitted with electronic signatures. 
HB 1014define trophy and nontrophy antelope, mule deer, white-tailed deer, and elk, and establish civil damages for the unlawful taking of trophy animals. 
HB 1015repeal the imposition of the five dollar surcharge on mentored youth big game hunting licenses. 
HB 1016revise certain provisions regarding 911 emergency services. 
HB 1017provide for state adoption of the 2009 Uniform Plumbing Code. 
HB 1018revise certain provisions regarding unemployment insurance benefit eligibility of part-time workers and to provide additional unemployment insurance benefits to workers attending approved training. 
HB 1020authorize the transfer of certain special education funds to other funds under certain conditions and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1021authorize the deposit of federal special education funds into the capital outlay fund for the purchase of equipment for the purpose of special education and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1022revise certain statutes to reflect the current organizational structure of the Department of Education. 
HB 1023revise certain requirements regarding make up time for school districts. 
HB 1024repeal the requirement for school districts to have certain teaching certificates on file. 
HB 1025authorize the Board of Regents to construct a motor pool building at South Dakota State University and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1026authorize the Board of Regents to construct phase II of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building on the campus of South Dakota State University, to accept donations for such purpose, to acquire land incidental thereto, and to make appropriations therefor. 
HB 1027authorize the Board of Regents to construct a visitor center on the grounds of McCrory Gardens on the campus of South Dakota State University, to accept donations for such purpose, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1028revise certain requirements for the provisional certification of interpreters for the deaf and revise certain authority to promulgate rules concerning certified interpreters for the deaf. 
HB 1029authorize the Board of Social Worker Examiners to deny, suspend, or revoke applications for licensure or licenses under certain circumstances and repeal certain physical examination provisions. 
HB 1030revise certain provisions regarding references to the Internal Revenue Code. 
HB 1031define conference bridging services for sales and use tax purposes. 
HB 1032revise certain provisions regarding the reporting period for the collection of the use tax. 
HB 1033permit and regulate the blending of natural gasoline and ethyl alcohol and to provide for an ethanol broker license. 
HB 1034authorize the collection of a mailing fee if plates or decals are mailed to certain dealers, motor carrier applicants, and boat owners. 
HB 1035revise certain provisions regarding boat license decals and boat numbering. 
HB 1036create a licensing category for the owners of property where licensed gaming is conducted in the city of Deadwood. 
HB 1037revise certain provisions regarding insurance producer licensing. 
HB 1038clarify certain provisions relating to orders issued for examinations of certain insurers. 
HB 1039revise certain provisions regarding the use of an exemption certificate for tax purposes. 
HB 1040revise certain provisions relating to life insurance refunds. 
HB 1041revise the discount on the sales of cigarette tax stamps to distributors. 
HB 1042increase certain billboard permit fees. 
HB 1043revise the risk pool rate methodology, to revise the number of risk pool benefit plans offered, and to revise open enrollment for uninsurable children. 
HB 1044make an appropriation to reimburse certain family physicians, physician assistants, and dentists who have complied with the requirements of the physician tuition reimbursement program, the midlevel tuition reimbursement program, and the dental tuition reimbursement program. 
HB 1045revise the definition of anabolic steroid, to provide for the scheduling of tapentadol, lacosamide, and fospropofol as controlled substances, and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1046revise certain provisions for the procurement of goods and services for governmental agencies. 
HB 1047clarify certain powers of the state as conservator of a protected person. 
HB 1048revise certain provisions relating to a previous appropriation for National Guard armory construction. 
HB 1049revise the qualifications for the director of the Division of Veterans Affairs. 
HB 1052revise the definition of full-time equivalent to exclude students employed by public postsecondary institutions. 
HB 1053revise certain provisions concerning campaign finance and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1054provide independent voters voting absentee the appropriate ballot during a primary election and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1056make an appropriation from the coordinated natural resources conservation fund to the State Conservation Commission and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1057revise and update certain provisions relating to dairy production and inspection. 
HB 1058restructure the South Dakota Weed and Pest Control Commission. 
HB 1059authorize the State Investment Council to discuss in executive session certain information exempt from public disclosure. 
HB 1061revise certain provisions regarding organization and operation of the public entity pool for liability. 
HB 1062provide for certain mandatory training for county coroners. 
HB 1063repeal the responsibility of the attorney general to fix certain liability insurance limits for sheriffs. 
HB 1064establish a process for persons exposed to certain blood-borne infections to require testing for blood-borne pathogens and to provide for the confidentiality of the source individual. 
HB 1065establish quarterly escrow payments by nonparticipating tobacco manufacturers. 
HB 1069revise certain provisions relating to the transportation of alcoholic beverages and to authorize transportation by religious organizations under certain circumstances. 
HB 1070revise certain provisions relating to the voidability of gambling contracts. 
HB 1071revise certain provisions relating to parental liability for willful acts of a child and to revise the limitation on recovery. 
HB 1072provide for the election of a vice chair for county commissions. 
HB 1073clarify certain provisions relating to a court's continuing jurisdiction to revoke probation or a suspended execution of sentence. 
HB 1074allow copies of juvenile files to be provided to certain named parties or by court order rather than limiting use to inspection of the file only. 
HB 1075revise certain provisions relating to credit against unpaid fines and costs for time served and to disallow credit for time served against unpaid victim restitution. 
HB 1076repeal certain statutes related to the testimony of sex offense victims and to evidence of a victim's prior sexual conduct in coordination with the adoption of certain evidentiary rules by the Supreme Court. 
HB 1077enact a procedure for delayed appeal if the petitioner was unconstitutionally denied the right of appeal. 
HB 1078revise certain provisions regarding court records inspection and copying. 
HB 1079revise certain provisions relating to the issuance of a new birth certificate in certain adoptions. 
HB 1080correct the omission of a reference to fifth-offense DUI for habitual offender cases and to remove certain outdated language. 
HB 1081revise certain court automation surcharges and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1082permit counties to require criminal background checks for persons seeking employment. 
HB 1088revise certain provisions regarding the rights of certain new vehicle dealers and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1089clarify permissible insurance policy provisions. 
HB 1090revise certain provisions concerning the county legal expense relief fund. 
HB 1091revise certain provisions related to municipal elections in the case of death or withdrawal of a candidate. 
HB 1092revise the certain provisions concerning continuing liens on wages by garnishment. 
HB 1094subject the gross receipts of contractors engaged in realty improvement contracts for certain municipal utilities to the contractor's excise tax instead of the alternative contractor's excise tax and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1095permit local industrial development corporations to conduct bingo games and lotteries under certain conditions. 
HB 1096revise the penalty for an open burning violation in the Black Hills Forest Fire Protection District. 
HB 1100revise certain provisions related to airport revenue bonds. 
HB 1101provide for restructuring the membership of the Corn Utilization Council. 
HB 1102repeal certain provisions establishing the Wall Lake State Game Bird Refuge in Hand County. 
HB 1103authorize the use of golf carts in certain municipalities and improvement districts. 
HB 1104limit the source of recovery in certain civil actions for childhood sexual abuse injuries. 
HB 1105permit the record of a person's arrest to be expunged. 
HB 1107provide for the renewal of certain nonresident commercial driver licenses. 
HB 1108revise the definition of general fund base percentage in the calculation of state aid to education. 
HB 1109revise certain provisions related to business organizations and to provide for certain filing fees relevant thereto. 
HB 1110revise certain provisions relating to statutory rape. 
HB 1118revise certain provisions regarding fees for health services provided to South Dakota injured workers treated by out-of-state medical providers and expenses when death results from injuries to South Dakota workers. 
HB 1120revise certain provisions and assessments related to the South Dakota Oilseeds Council. 
HB 1126require property owners of a homestead who are delinquent in paying their property taxes to notify the county treasurer when they meet certain age requirements. 
HB 1128revise certain provisions concerning fire protection services provided through township funding. 
HB 1129provide for the early reinstatement of a student expelled from school under certain circumstances. 
HB 1130include the families of certain members of the armed forces who died in military service as eligible for gold star special license plates. 
HB 1131revise certain provisions concerning intoxicated or incapacitated persons who may be taken into protective custody. 
HB 1132provide for the referral and placement of certain individuals in need of intervention. 
HB 1135rescind all previous applications of the State of South Dakota for the calling of a federal constitutional convention to amend the Constitution of the United States. 
HB 1136limit asbestos-related liabilities for certain successor corporations. 
HB 1138create certified technology parks or certified sites to enhance knowledge and tech-based economic development. 
HB 1149allow certain municipal interfund loans. 
HB 1151authorize funeral establishments to operate branch chapels. 
HB 1152require the Department of Education to develop a framework for entrepreneurship education. 
HB 1155require the marking of certain anemometer towers used for wind energy testing purposes. 
HB 1160allow certain students to participate in the opportunity scholarship program under certain circumstances. 
HB 1164revise no contact provisions in cases of stalking and domestic abuse. 
HB 1166clarify the locations where the local boards of equalization may meet. 
HB 1171revise certain provisions regarding the fees for certain special motor vehicle license plates. 
HB 1172repeal certain provisions requiring the approval of the planning commission for the construction of utilities and public facilities. 
HB 1176authorize certain licensed hunters who are quadriplegic to hunt using a designated hunter. 
HB 1177prohibit the granting of subsequent suspended impositions of sentence to the same defendant. 
HB 1179revise certain provisions concerning the period within which tax deeds may be procured. 
HB 1180provide for the issuance of an on-sale license and malt beverage license for the county fairgrounds and to authorize counties to issue an additional on-sale license. 
HB 1181eliminate the consolidation incentives for any school districts that consolidate after July 1, 2010. 
HB 1185provide property tax benefits to the surviving spouses of certain disabled veterans. 
HB 1187prohibit the killing, injury, or interference with a law enforcement support animal and to establish certain penalties. 
HB 1189prohibit discrimination based on domestic violence in life and health insurance policies. 
HB 1190revise the high school course requirements and the requirements necessary to maintain eligibility for the South Dakota opportunity scholarship program. 
HB 1192establish an ethanol blender pump incentive grant program, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1201provide that certain tax laws applicable on December 31, 2009, apply to certain wills and trusts that refer to federal estate and generation-skipping transfer tax laws, and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1206provide that incontestability provisions in certain life insurance policies do not apply in cases of fraud. 
HB 1214allow for the acquisition of the fee ownership of highway right-of way land for certain local governments. 
HB 1222exempt persons selling certain foods at farmers' markets from licensure requirements and to establish other requirements for the sale of those foods. 
HB 1227permit townships to enroll in certain health, life, and disability income insurance benefits. 
HB 1228establish an ancillary standard in determining the best interests of a child. 
HB 1231provide for the monitoring of the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances. 
HB 1244increase the penalty for solicitation of a minor. 
HB 1248revise the definition of fall enrollment in the state aid to education formula and to eliminate the one-time payments for school districts with increasing enrollments. 
HB 1249provide for the disposition of certain property sold at auction but not claimed. 
HB 1252revise certain provisions related to the payment in lieu of taxes for certain housing projects exempt from property taxation. 
HB 1254revise the requirements for the assignment of certain funeral benefits. 
HB 1257remove certain provisions relating to countersignatures for insurance producers. 
HB 1260revise the definition of federal law enforcement officer to include certain United States Forest Service personnel. 
HB 1263revise certain provisions relating to the terms of wind easements and wind energy leases. 
HB 1264provide for the issuance of free antlerless deer licenses to certain landowners and lessees. 
HB 1265revise certain provisions related to indigent counsel. 
HB 1270revise the conditions pursuant to which the state may enter into tax collection agreements with Indian tribes. 
HB 1275extend the age limit for cochlear implants. 

Senate Bill

SB 2revise certain provisions regarding alcoholic beverage control and licensing laws. 
SB 4revise certain rule-making authority regarding the sale of certain alcoholic beverage container sizes to on-sale licensees. 
SB 7permit certain sex offenders who are homeless or on parole to reside in certain halfway homes or homeless shelters within community safety zones. 
SB 8establish the application of certain statutes relating to the sex offender registry with regard to out-of-state offenders residing in the state of South Dakota. 
SB 10reduce the grace period for certain sex offender registry registrations. 
SB 11define solicitation of or conspiracy to commit certain crimes as registerable sex offenses. 
SB 12provide for a tiered sex offender registry, to remove certain misdemeanors and juvenile offenses from the sex offender registry, and to establish certain criteria for eligibility to petition for removal or reassignment. 
SB 13revise certain provisions concerning petitions and elections. 
SB 14update certain provisions pertaining to motor carrier safety and transportation of hazardous materials. 
SB 15revise certain codes and standards regarding fire prevention. 
SB 16revise certain commercial driver licensing provisions and penalties. 
SB 17revise certain provisions regarding restricted driving permits for minors. 
SB 18revise certain retirement provisions regarding retired members of the South Dakota Retirement System who return to covered employment and to declare an emergency. 
SB 19increase contributions related to the optional spouse protection program within the South Dakota Retirement System and to prohibit any new enrollments in the program. 
SB 20revise certain retirement provisions within the South Dakota Retirement System. 
SB 21revise certain provisions regarding exclusive benefit requirements and the range of investments available to the South Dakota Retirement System member trust fund. 
SB 22revise the per student allocation in the state aid to general education formula, and to revise certain allocations for disabilities in the state aid to special education formula. 
SB 24establish standards for teaching, to require teacher evaluations, and to provide for the development of a model evaluation instrument. 
SB 25repeal certain provisions related to tuition for students transferring from a resident district that does not receive state aid to education and to repeal certain provisions related to state aid to education for students transferring to a nonresident school district that does not receive state aid to education. 
SB 26make an additional appropriation to the Board of Regents to construct an addition to the Northern State University Joseph H. Barnett Center. 
SB 27authorize the South Dakota Building Authority and the Department of Human Services to provide for the design, construction, and equipping of a dietary services building addition at the Human Services Center. 
SB 28provide relief from liability from a sales and use tax rate change in certain circumstances. 
SB 29revise the exemption of direct mail postage and to define direct mail for certain tax purposes. 
SB 30revise certain provisions regarding the issuance of tax refunds for the construction of agricultural processing or new business facilities. 
SB 31update certain provisions regarding the reimbursable expense exemption from the sales and service tax allowed licensed accountants. 
SB 32revise the process for the reporting of surplus lines insurance. 
SB 33revise certain provisions relating to delinquent tax accounts. 
SB 34provide for the staggered registration of intrastate and interstate commercial motor vehicles. 
SB 35require the policyholder's signed acceptance for endorsements that reduce or eliminate coverage upon certain health insurance policy issuance. 
SB 36provide for the denial of certain motor carrier registrations. 
SB 39provide for the continuation of the minimum monthly fee charged for care at the Human Services Center. 
SB 40provide for the suspension of certain licenses and registrations relating to dentistry for failure to renew the license or registration. 
SB 42restrict the licensure and prohibit the employment of certain persons, including persons on the sex offender registry, in certain child welfare agencies or family day care centers. 
SB 45revise the state trunk highway system in Codington County. 
SB 46make an appropriation for costs related to suppression of wildfires in the state and to declare an emergency. 
SB 47authorize a carryover of the fiscal year 2010 state aid to special education appropriation to fiscal year 2011. 
SB 48make an appropriation for the payment of extraordinary litigation expenses and to declare an emergency. 
SB 49revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2010. 
SB 50authorize allocation and reallocation of volume, issuance authority, and other benefits in order to facilitate the issuance of bonds and compliance with certain federal requirements and to declare an emergency. 
SB 51permit the filing of certain documents with the secretary of state by electronic means and to provide penalties for false filings. 
SB 52revise fees for certain phytosanitary certificates and inspections. 
SB 53make an appropriation for the construction and renovation of a combined minimum security and parole facility in Rapid City and to declare an emergency. 
SB 54revise certain procedures for the commencement of civil actions by inmates. 
SB 55revise certain provisions regarding parole eligibility. 
SB 56update certain citations to federal regulations regarding pipeline safety inspection. 
SB 57revise the time frames for issuing a decision in certain electric service area disputes and adequacy of service complaints. 
SB 58revise certain real property taxes for small renewable energy facilities. 
SB 60revise certain provisions regarding the siting of energy facilities by the Public Utilities Commission. 
SB 61require an electric utility to file rates for purchases of electricity produced by small renewable power facilities. 
SB 62revise the notice requirements for closure of a highway and to provide a civil penalty for failure to comply with a closure. 
SB 63provide for the establishment of a pilot charter school in South Dakota if the Department of Education receives a federal grant to fund it. 
SB 64make appropriations from the water and environment fund, the water pollution control revolving fund subfund, and the drinking water revolving fund subfund for various water and environmental purposes, to authorize the construction and establish the state cost share for the Southern Black Hills Water System, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 65revise the time frame for the design of a new motor license plate series and the issuance of a new motor license plate design series and to transfer funds from the license plate special revenue fund to the prison industries revolving fund. 
SB 66make an appropriation to fund property tax and sales tax refunds for certain elderly persons and persons with a disability. 
SB 67revise the property tax levies for the general fund of a school district. 
SB 68revise certain provisions relating to standards for new construction. 
SB 69authorize certain exceptions to the nursing facility moratorium. 
SB 75define certain terms related to liability for agritourism activities. 
SB 78revise the total amount of revenue payable to municipalities from taxes on real property. 
SB 80clarify certain conditions of service by elected municipal officials. 
SB 81exempt open-loop prepaid cards from unclaimed property provisions. 
SB 82require certain state contracts to be displayed on a searchable internet website. 
SB 83provide for the self-administration of prescription asthma and anaphylaxis medication by students. 
SB 85revise the continuing education requirements for certain veterinarians. 
SB 86revise certain requirements related to the licensure of veterinarians. 
SB 88adopt the interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children. 
SB 89exempt from federal regulation any firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition manufactured and retained in South Dakota. 
SB 90provide an exception from one-call notification requirements to natural gas operators in emergency situations. 
SB 96provide for the continuation of the waiver of the collaborative agreement requirement for certified nurse midwives providing out-of-hospital birth services. 
SB 97provide that salvage titles be issued for stolen vehicles and to provide that thefts be noted on the title of recovered motor vehicles. 
SB 98revise certain provisions regarding the yielding of the right-of-way to pedestrians making a crossing of a highway. 
SB 100continue the motorcycle safety education fee. 
SB 101authorize certain school districts to conduct school board elections during 2011 using voting centers and electronic records. 
SB 103revise certain provisions relating to trusts. 
SB 104revise certain provisions regarding disclosure of public information and public meetings. 
SB 105provide a statutory reference for the code of ethics for certified teachers and administrators. 
SB 106authorize the Board of Regents and the Building Authority to contract for construction of classroom facilities at the University Center in Sioux Falls to replace facilities leased from the Sioux Falls School District, and to make an appropriation therefor. 
SB 108prohibit dental insurers from setting fees for noncovered services. 
SB 109revise certain provisions concerning the deposit of county funds related to the 24/7 sobriety program. 
SB 110provide for the posting of a bond by parolees under certain circumstances. 
SB 114authorize municipalities to include flexible spending accounts, flexible spending account debit cards, and related programs and procedures with employee health insurance benefits. 
SB 115prohibit the sale of contact lenses without a prescription. 
SB 118allow the register of deeds to electronically preserve certain documents. 
SB 122repeal certain procedures required when actual state revenues fall below legislatively adopted estimates. 
SB 125revise certain provisions relating to violations associated with the statewide one-call notification system. 
SB 132permit the utilization of certain DNA samples to determine parentage under certain conditions. 
SB 133revise certain procedures for handling complaints regarding open meeting requirements. 
SB 134provide for divestiture of state investment funds in certain companies liable to sanctions under the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996. 
SB 136allow municipalities to maintain the same number of on-sale alcoholic beverage licenses when certain on-sale alcoholic beverage licenses are not reissued. 
SB 139permit the secretary of state to cancel a trademark or service mark registration under certain conditions. 
SB 141establish certain provisions regarding documents or instruments filed with the register of deeds that may contain personally identifiable information and to revise certain format requirements relating to real estate documents filed with the register of deeds. 
SB 145revise certain qualifications for the South Dakota opportunity scholarship program. 
SB 148revise certain provisions pertaining to the withdrawal of blood to determine alcohol content. 
SB 149revise certain provisions providing for the method of calculating subsequent DUI offenses. 
SB 155revise the rules promulgation process for administrative rules with a financial impact upon political subdivisions of state government. 
SB 156require that determinations in both adult and juvenile court proceedings relative to a controlled substance violation of a high school student participating in extracurricular activities be reported to the South Dakota High School Activities Association and to the school administrator. 
SB 157authorize the construction of nursing facilities on American Indian reservations under certain circumstances. 
SB 166provide for the liquidation of the remaining property of the South Dakota Cement Plant Commission, to provide for the administration and payment of existing liabilities, to provide for the orderly winding up of the commission's affairs, to provide for the transfer of any remaining net proceeds, and to abolish the commission. 
SB 168increase the amount of coverage provided by the South Dakota Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association for long-term care insurance. 
SB 172revise the definition for environmental upgrades used to provide a property tax exemption for coal-fired power plants. 
SB 183exclude students served in residential treatment facilities from the determination of the small school adjustment in the state aid to general education formula. 
SB 184revise certain provisions concerning the taxes imposed by water development districts and the addition and withdrawal of territory for water development districts. 
SB 186change the unemployment insurance wage base and contribution rates and to declare an emergency. 
SB 188revise certain provisions relating to the sale and display of alcoholic beverages in certain establishments. 
SB 190revise certain provisions regarding the opt-out rights of credit card customers. 
SB 195revise the refunds for new or expanded agricultural facilities and new or expanded business facilities and to sunset the refunds for new or expanded agricultural facilities and new or expanded business facilities. 
SB 196appropriate money for the ordinary expenses of the legislative, judicial, and executive departments of the state, the expenses of state institutions, interest on the public debt, and for common schools. 

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