2017 Bills Signed By Governor

House Bill

HB 1001revise certain provisions regarding prison or jail population cost estimates. 
HB 1005require the Government Operations and Audit Committee to provide oversight to the Board of Regents on issues relating to the university centers. 
HB 1006revise certain requirements for a public notice of a public meeting. 
HB 1007revise certain provisions regarding inspection affidavits for amusement rides. 
HB 1008authorize the Board of Regents to purchase improved real property on behalf of South Dakota State University and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1009authorize the Board of Regents to accept a donation of land from Pennington County for the use and benefit of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. 
HB 1010authorize the Board of Regents to contract for the construction of the NSU Regional Science Education Center at Northern State University and to make an appropriation therefor. 
HB 1011repeal certain provisions related to certification of financial good standing of utilities. 
HB 1012revise certain provisions related to wind and solar easements. 
HB 1013revise certain provisions regarding the payment of tuition for members of the South Dakota National Guard and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1014make an appropriation for the purchase of land by the South Dakota Department of the Military for use by the South Dakota Army National Guard and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1015designate the South Dakota Housing Development Authority as the administrator of a federal housing program. 
HB 1016revise the methodology for calculating the cost of living adjustment for South Dakota Retirement System benefits, to revise reporting conditions, and to provide uniform terminology. 
HB 1017revise the definition of compensation for purposes of the South Dakota Retirement System, to provide a penalty for falsely reporting compensation, and to update references to the Internal Revenue Code. 
HB 1018revise the computation of final average compensation for benefits relating to the South Dakota Retirement System. 
HB 1019revise certain provisions relating to the salary of the executive director of the South Dakota Retirement System. 
HB 1020authorize background investigations for current and potential employees of the Bureau of Information and Telecommunications and information technology contractors and subcontractors. 
HB 1021revise certain provisions regarding the education provided for children in certain residential treatment centers. 
HB 1022revise and repeal certain provisions relating to education service agencies. 
HB 1023make an appropriation for the payment of extraordinary litigation expenses and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1025revise certain provisions regarding background checks for applicants, licensees, vendors, and employees of the South Dakota Lottery. 
HB 1026require tracking numbers to be included on the quarterly reports of direct shippers and of wine carriers. 
HB 1027allow two-wheeled off-road vehicles that meet certain requirements to be registered and licensed. 
HB 1028revise certain provisions regarding the interception of certain communications. 
HB 1029update references to certain federal motor carrier regulations. 
HB 1030implement certain vehicle size and weight provisions required by federal law. 
HB 1031revise certain restrictions regarding division directors of the Department of Revenue. 
HB 1033authorize criminal background checks for certain executive branch employees and state contractors and subcontractors. 
HB 1034establish certain fees for receiving electronic files of petitions, to revise certain provisions concerning filing petitions and other documents, and to revise certain provisions concerning elections and voting. 
HB 1035revise and provide certain procedures for filing, certifying, and challenging petitions. 
HB 1036revise certain provisions concerning voter registration and notices of boundary changes for local elections. 
HB 1037revise certain provisions regarding delegates and alternates to the national convention, nominating petitions, and runoff elections and to revise certain provisions for new political parties. 
HB 1038repeal the requirement for farm corporations to file farm annual reports with the secretary of state. 
HB 1039authorize certain rule making authority for the State Board of Finance. 
HB 1040license and regulate community living homes. 
HB 1041place certain substances on the controlled substance schedules and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1042make an appropriation to reimburse certain health care professionals who have complied with the requirements of the recruitment assistance program or the rural health care facility recruitment assistance program and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1044revise certain provisions regarding wholesale drug distributors, to provide for licensure and regulation of outsourcing facilities for certain drugs, and to establish a fee for licensure of outsourcing facilities. 
HB 1045revise certain provisions regarding credit for reinsurance. 
HB 1046revise various trust and trust company provisions. 
HB 1047modify the application timeline for state chartered banks and trust companies. 
HB 1048exempt natural hair braiding from the practice of cosmetology. 
HB 1049revise certain provisions regarding good cause for voluntarily leaving employment and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1050revise and repeal certain provisions regarding the practice of barbering. 
HB 1051establish and revise certain provisions regarding virtual representation. 
HB 1052provide certain protections for public employees. 
HB 1053revise certain provisions concerning the attorney recruitment assistance program. 
HB 1055revise certain provisions regarding the need for a driver license or permit to operate certain motor vehicles. 
HB 1056authorize law enforcement officers to issue certain citations not signed under oath. 
HB 1057revise when improvement districts shall hold an election of board members. 
HB 1059provide for the perfection of liens upon application for duplicate certificates of title. 
HB 1060provide requirements and standards for insurers' own risk and solvency assessments. 
HB 1061revise certain provisions regarding consent for correspondence through electronic mail by enrolled customers of portable electronics. 
HB 1062make an appropriation to fund tax refunds for elderly persons and persons with a disability and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1063repeal certain provisions relating to the payment of special assessments. 
HB 1065revise certain provisions regarding the liability of persons for certain business debts. 
HB 1066revise certain provisions regarding permits for the sale of certain trailers, motorcycles, and other vehicles. 
HB 1068revise certain provisions concerning landowner liability for certain injuries suffered. 
HB 1069repeal and revise certain provisions related to campaign finance and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1070revise certain provisions regarding the licensure of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. 
HB 1071require the approval of the Legislature before any high level nuclear waste may be processed or deposited within state boundaries. 
HB 1073revise and repeal certain provisions regarding gifts from registered lobbyists to public officials. 
HB 1076create a State Government Accountability Board. 
HB 1077provide for the assignment of certain benefits in dental care insurance coverage. 
HB 1080adopt the Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act. 
HB 1081revise certain provisions for establishing a trust for an unlocatable mineral owner. 
HB 1082grant limited immunity from arrest and prosecution for certain related offenses to persons who assist certain persons in need of emergency assistance or who are themselves in need of emergency assistance. 
HB 1083establish certain provisions for awarding grants and collecting surcharges related to the equal access to our courts fund. 
HB 1084allow chiropractic corporations operated as sole proprietorships to be operated for a certain time after the death of the chiropractor. 
HB 1087authorize the recovery of attorney's fees in civil actions relating to highway obstructions. 
HB 1088revise certain provisions regarding required stops at railroad crossings. 
HB 1090define certain fees incident to the extension of credit. 
HB 1091modify certain provisions relating to concealed carry permits. 
HB 1092revise certain alcoholic beverage licensing provisions concerning the manufacturing and sale of cider. 
HB 1095revise certain provisions regarding resident fishing possession limits. 
HB 1097revise certain unemployment insurance contribution rates, to provide for an unemployment insurance administrative fee, and to provide for the distribution of the fee. 
HB 1098revise certain provisions regarding the notice requirements of county commissions in authorizing installation of utility lines along and across highways. 
HB 1100allow law enforcement to initiate a mental illness hold in domestic abuse situations. 
HB 1101increase the penalty for performing an abortion of an unborn child capable of feeling pain. 
HB 1103allow for service by publication for certain paternity and child custody actions. 
HB 1107revise certain provisions regarding the approval by the governing board of licenses for alcoholic beverages. 
HB 1110revise certain provisions regarding school bus stop violations. 
HB 1112revise certain provisions related to construction managers on certain public improvement projects. 
HB 1113revise certain provisions regarding protection orders. 
HB 1117revise certain provisions regarding golf carts on state highways. 
HB 1118eliminate the need to prove the use of force, fraud, or coercion in the human trafficking of minors. 
HB 1122clarify certain provisions regarding the process to be excused from public school attendance. 
HB 1124exempt a person with a commercial driver license from the requirement to have a hazardous materials endorsement on the license under certain conditions. 
HB 1127revise the procedure for a deployed military service member to renew a concealed carry permit 
HB 1136revise certain election recount provisions. 
HB 1141provide for a legislative task force to consider certain legislation proposed to revise provisions regarding the constitutional amendment, initiative and referendum process in South Dakota. 
HB 1143revise certain provisions regarding underage prostitution. 
HB 1144revise certain provisions regarding commercial driver license disqualification for refusing to submit to a chemical analysis. 
HB 1147revise certain provisions regarding concealed carry permits and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1155revise the penalty for aggravated assault with the intent to disfigure the victim. 
HB 1159revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of commercial breeding operations. 
HB 1161repeal the requirement for certain township, municipal, and school district fiscal reports to be submitted to county auditors. 
HB 1165provide for annually updated financial interest statements for any person elected to statewide or local office. 
HB 1170revise certain provisions regarding conflicts of interest for authority, board, or commission members. 
HB 1173revise the distribution of funds from the building South Dakota fund. 
HB 1174revise certain provisions concerning how stop lamps shall be mounted and displayed on vehicles and trailers. 
HB 1179revise certain provisions related to exemptions from licensure for nonresidential mortgage loans. 
HB 1183provide and revise certain provisions regarding mental health procedures in criminal justice, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1184exempt certain persons working in postsecondary technical institutes from collective bargaining provisions. 
HB 1185revise certain provisions concerning recreational facilities provided by municipalities. 
HB 1191require cooperation with the Division of Child Support as a condition of eligibility for the SNAP program. 
HB 1195revise certain provisions regarding health coverage for applied behavior analysis. 
HB 1205provide for the sale of certain surplus real estate in Rapid City and to provide for the deposit of the proceeds. 
HB 1206provide for the sale of certain surplus real estate located in Aurora County and to provide for the deposit of the proceeds. 
HB 1207revise certain provisions regarding the sale of certain real estate at the South Dakota Development Center. 
HB 1208provide for the sale of certain surplus real estate at the South Dakota Veterans' Home and to provide for the deposit of the proceeds. 
HB 1209provide for the sale of certain surplus real estate at the STAR Academy and to provide for the deposit of the proceeds. 
HB 1210provide for the sale of certain surplus real estate located in Minnehaha County and to provide for the deposit of the proceeds. 
HB 1211provide for a grace period after the expiration of a permit and a warning ticket for carrying a concealed pistol while in possession of an expired permit. 

Senate Bill

SB 1revise certain provisions of the prescription drug monitoring program. 
SB 4require the Board of Pharmacy to report to the Legislature regarding monitoring and use of opioids in the state. 
SB 6revise the review process to determine the need for additional nursing facilities or nursing facility beds and to require a report to the Legislature. 
SB 7revise the criteria for determining if property is classified as agricultural land for property tax purposes. 
SB 8codify legislation enacted in 2016. 
SB 11revise certain provisions regarding the State Fair Commission and the administration of the fairgrounds and to declare an emergency. 
SB 12revise certain provisions administered by the Department of Agriculture related to nursery stock, conservation, forestry, and farm mediation. 
SB 13repeal certain provisions concerning potato grades and standards. 
SB 14make an appropriation from the coordinated natural resources conservation fund to the State Conservation Commission and to declare an emergency. 
SB 15make an appropriation for costs related to suppression of wildfires in the state and to declare an emergency. 
SB 16revise certain provisions regarding a violation for an escape from certain facilities, programs, or services located outside the penitentiary. 
SB 17authorize the Board of Regents to contract for the construction of a natural resources research and support facility at South Dakota State University, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 18authorize the Board of Regents to contract for the design, renovation of, and addition to, the Stanley J. Marshall Center on the campus of South Dakota State University and to make an appropriation therefor. 
SB 19establish for the Board of Regents and its institutions a fund for the receipt and disbursement of federal grants and contracts and a fund for the receipt and disbursement of other grants and contracts and to make an appropriation therefor. 
SB 21revise certain provisions related to public grain warehouses and grain buyers. 
SB 22exempt certain unmanned aircraft systems from the requirement to be registered as aircraft. 
SB 23revise the authority of the Transportation Commission to make loans from the state highway fund to local governments for highway and bridge construction and maintenance purposes. 
SB 25provide for the release of certain booking photographs. 
SB 26revise the state automated victim notification system. 
SB 27prohibit certain direct conflicts of interest by public officials and to provide a penalty therefor. 
SB 28revise the exceptions to presumptive probation. 
SB 29provide for the use of mobile breath alcohol testing in the 24/7 sobriety program. 
SB 30revise certain provisions regarding high school equivalency testing. 
SB 31revise certain administrative and advisory functions of the State Library and the State Library Board. 
SB 32revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2017. 
SB 34revise certain provisions related to securities held as unclaimed property and to declare an emergency. 
SB 35revise the state aid to general and special education formula. 
SB 36revise the time to file certain tax returns and remit certain taxes. 
SB 37repeal and revise certain outdated provisions regarding liens. 
SB 38revise certain references to the Internal Revenue Code. 
SB 39allow owners to affix vehicle identification numbers on certain trailers. 
SB 40revise the start date of driver license suspension, revocation, and disqualification periods. 
SB 41revise certain electronic driver license reinstatement requirements. 
SB 42revise certain provisions regarding persons requesting an abstract of their own driver operating record. 
SB 43make an appropriation to expand intensive methamphetamine treatment services within the Department of Social Services and to declare an emergency. 
SB 44revise the definition of individuals with a serious emotional disturbance. 
SB 45remove an outdated reference from the definition of an accredited prevention or treatment facility. 
SB 46revise certain provisions regarding the state geologist. 
SB 47revise and repeal certain provisions regarding dental corporations. 
SB 48provide for the certification of emergency medical responders. 
SB 49license and regulate freestanding emergency medical care facilities. 
SB 51revise certain references regarding loans and investments for insurance companies. 
SB 52revise certain provisions regarding federal covered securities. 
SB 54revise certain provisions regarding campaign finance requirements. 
SB 57authorize the operation of a nursing home facility in Eagle Butte, South Dakota, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 59delay the effective date for initiated measures and referred laws. 
SB 60revise certain provisions regarding the sale of consumers power district assets. 
SB 61update, revise, and repeal certain provisions relating to nurse practitioners and nurse midwives. 
SB 62correct the county boundary description for Mellette County. 
SB 63eliminate the postage administration fund and deposit fees to the general fund. 
SB 64define the term of a vacancy appointment for water development district directors. 
SB 65establish the South Dakota Board of Technical Education and to revise certain provisions regarding career and technical education and postsecondary technical institutes. 
SB 66specifically classify certain agricultural land as riparian buffer strips, to establish the criteria for the riparian buffer strip classification, and to provide for the taxation thereof. 
SB 68revise certain alcoholic beverage sampling provisions. 
SB 69revise the tax required when a new motor vehicle dealer licenses a new motor vehicle. 
SB 70make appropriations from the water and environment fund and its revolving fund subfunds for various water and environmental purposes, to increase the transfer from the water and environment fund to the environment and natural resources fee fund, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 71revise certain provisions of the reinvestment payment program. 
SB 73provide a special tribal veteran license plate for certain motor vehicles. 
SB 74exempt the elected members of the governing board of any federally recognized Indian tribe from the requirement to register as lobbyists. 
SB 75revise certain provisions regarding the purchase from a municipality of malt beverages by certain alcoholic beverage licensees. 
SB 77provide for a fiscal note for any initiated measure, initiated amendment to the Constitution, or referred law that would have a fiscal impact on the state. 
SB 78revise provisions regarding election petitions for conservation district supervisors. 
SB 79revise certain provisions regarding the display of motorcycle license plates. 
SB 80regulate the use of drones under certain conditions and to provide a penalty therefor. 
SB 81prohibit the manufacture, sale, or possession of alcohol in a powdered, condensed, or other concentrated form under most circumstances. 
SB 82revise certain provisions regarding the review of juvenile corrections. 
SB 83revise certain provisions relating to the criteria for informal adjustment for any apparent child in need of supervision. 
SB 84provide for the suspension of the probationary period for juvenile probationers under certain conditions. 
SB 86revise certain provisions regarding the deposit of county funds. 
SB 88revise the definition of an electric transmission facility. 
SB 90repeal certain provisions related to certain prior statements of a witness subject to discovery and to establish the rationale and effect of the repeal. 
SB 95add cannabidiol to the list of Schedule IV controlled substances and to exclude it from the definition of marijuana. 
SB 98revise provisions regarding deadlines for municipal election recounts. 
SB 99revise certain provisions regarding the petition signature requirements for municipal elections. 
SB 102require that the name and telephone number of an organization fighting to end sex trafficking be given, in writing, to any woman seeking an abortion. 
SB 103revise certain provisions concerning the process for truancy citations and formal petitions and to declare an emergency. 
SB 104protect certain easement holders and rural customers from shutoffs by certain energy companies. 
SB 109provide certain criteria for meeting the ownership requirements for classifying dwellings as owner-occupied property. 
SB 113require certain provisions to be met before distribution of the 911 emergency surcharge revenue and to revise the effective date for the sunset clause provisions that lower the 911 emergency surcharge and revise the method of distributing funds. 
SB 116improve online access to information concerning state boards, commissions, and departments. 
SB 117increase accountability in South Dakota's criminal justice system. 
SB 118allow for special motor vehicle license plates depicting the Dignity sculpture. 
SB 120repeal the Legislative Planning Committee and revise certain provisions regarding agency performance reviews. 
SB 123revise the area where certain nonresident waterfowl licenses may be issued. 
SB 124repeal the authority for the Department of Social Services to enter agreements related to the Refugee Act of 1980 and to require certain reports regarding services provided to and arrival of refugees. 
SB 128provide an exception for alcohol manufacturer and wholesaler licensees to participate in certain retail events and to declare an emergency. 
SB 130revise provisions regarding the amount licensing agents may collect on the sale of certain licenses and permits for the Department of Game, Fish and Parks to designate the use of certain funds received by the department, and to establish certain reporting requirements. 
SB 131revise certain provisions concerning the period of time certain persons are prohibited from lobbying after leaving office. 
SB 136permit and regulate the practice of licensed certified professional midwives. 
SB 137establish certain provisions regarding joint employer liability protection. 
SB 138provide certain provisions regarding asbestos bankruptcy trust claims. 
SB 140require schools to provide instruction in hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 
SB 141revise certain provisions relating to child support. 
SB 143create an off-sale delivery license and to allow certain off-sale licensees to deliver alcohol. 
SB 145provide limitation on liability for certain architects and engineers 
SB 146revise the voting authority of an alderman. 
SB 147establish a rate-setting methodology for services delivered by community-based health and human services providers. 
SB 149provide certain protections to faith-based or religious child-placement agencies. 
SB 151provide certain provisions regarding investigations of misconduct by certain public officials. 
SB 166provide certain provisions excluding business-to-business lending from certain money lending limitations. 
SB 171establish the Government Accountability Task Force to study campaign finance and to declare an emergency. 
SB 172authorize the South Dakota Building Authority to provide for the construction of and improvements to the State Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory and infrastructure at South Dakota State University, to increase certain agricultural fees, to transfer certain funds, to make an appropriation, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 176preserve the use of public land, to ensure free travel, to enhance emergency response, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 178appropriate money for the ordinary expenses of the legislative, judicial, and executive departments of the state, the expenses of state institutions, interest on the public debt, and for common schools. 
SB 179revise the length of the maximum probationary period for juvenile probationers. 

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