Senate Bill 10


provide for an election in the Red River and Minnesota River Basin Natural Resource District in 2018, to remove certain areas from the East Dakota Water Development District that are contained in that river basin natural resource district, and to provide for elections in the other river basin natural resource districts at a later date.

Senators Wiik, Frerichs, and Rusch and Representative McCleerey at the request of the River Basin Natural Resource District Oversight Advisory Task Force

01/10/2017First read in Senate and referred to Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources S.J. 17 N/A   
01/19/2017Scheduled for hearing Audio Available11:29 
01/19/2017Agriculture and Natural Resources Deferred to the 41st legislative day, Passed, YEAS 7, NAYS 2. S.J. 140 Audio Available11:29 

Bill Text Versions

12/30/2016 IntroducedIntroduced

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