House Bill 1107


revise certain provisions regarding the approval by the governing board of licenses for alcoholic beverages.

Representatives Rounds, Goodwin, Tieszen, Turbiville, and Willadsen and Senators Cronin, Haverly, Maher, and Peters

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01/26/2017First read in House and referred to House Commerce and Energy H.J. 212 N/A   
02/15/2017Scheduled for hearing Audio Available7:03 
02/15/2017Commerce and Energy Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 7, NAYS 6. H.J. 403 Audio Available7:03 
02/16/2017House of Representatives Deferred to another day, Passed H.J. 421 N/A   
02/21/2017House of Representatives Deferred to another day, Passed H.J. 438 N/A   
02/22/2017House of Representatives Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 49, NAYS 19. H.J. 473 Audio Available2:34:06 
02/23/2017First read in Senate and referred to Senate Commerce and Energy S.J. 523 N/A   
02/28/2017Scheduled for hearing Audio Available2:30 
02/28/2017Commerce and Energy Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 6, NAYS 1. S.J. 582 Audio Available2:30 
03/01/2017Senate Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 31, NAYS 4. S.J. 604 Audio Available1:24:25 
03/06/2017Signed by the Speaker H.J. 675 N/A   
03/07/2017Signed by the President S.J. 655 N/A   
03/07/2017Delivered to the Governor on March 07, 2017 H.J. 700 N/A   
03/09/2017Signed by the Governor on March 8, 2017 H.J. 720 N/A   

Bill Text Versions

01/26/2017 PrintedPrinted
03/02/2017 EnrolledEnrolled