Senate Bill 112


repeal the provision that requires county treasurers to collect the oldest delinquent property tax first.

01/25/2011First read in Senate and referred to Senate Local Government S.J. 194 N/A   
02/02/2011Scheduled for hearing Audio Available0:49:37 
02/02/2011Local Government Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 7, NAYS 0. S.J. 291 Audio Available0:49:37 
02/02/2011Placed on consent, Passed Audio Available0:49:37 
02/03/2011Senate Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 34, NAYS 0. S.J. 320 N/A   
02/07/2011First read in House and referred to House Local Government H.J. 299 N/A   
02/22/2011Scheduled for hearing Audio Available1:30:57 
02/22/2011Local Government Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 13, NAYS 0. H.J. 461 Audio Available1:30:57 
02/22/2011Placed on consent, Passed Audio Available1:30:57 
02/23/2011House of Representatives Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 69, NAYS 0. H.J. 496 N/A   
02/24/2011Signed by the President S.J. 529 N/A   
02/25/2011Signed by the Speaker H.J. 537 N/A   
02/28/2011Delivered to the Governor on February 28, 2011 S.J. 548 N/A   
03/08/2011Signed by the Governor on March 03, 2011 S.J. 644 N/A   

Bill Text Versions

01/25/2011 IntroducedIntroduced
02/24/2011 EnrolledEnrolled

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