House Bill 1155


require that the testing of blood samples of suspects of sexual assault be initiated within a specified time.

01/28/2009First read in House and referred to House Judiciary H.J. 162 N/A   
02/04/2009Scheduled for hearing N/A   
02/09/2009Scheduled for hearing Audio Available0:46:48 
02/09/2009Judiciary Motion to amend, Passed Amendment 1155ja Audio Available0:46:48 
02/09/2009Judiciary Do Pass Amended, Passed, YEAS 10, NAYS 0. H.J. 319 Audio Available0:46:48 
02/09/2009Judiciary Title amended, Passed Amendment 1155rta Audio Available0:46:48 
02/09/2009Placed on consent, Passed Audio Available0:46:48 
02/11/2009House of Representatives Do Pass Amended, Passed, YEAS 66, NAYS 0. H.J. 344 N/A   
02/12/2009First read in Senate and referred to Senate Judiciary S.J. 388 N/A   
02/19/2009Scheduled for hearing Audio Available1:39:35 
02/19/2009Judiciary Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 6, NAYS 0. S.J. 459 Audio Available1:39:35 
02/20/2009Senate Deferred to another day, Passed S.J. 499 N/A   
02/23/2009Senate Deferred to another day, Passed S.J. 517 N/A   
02/24/2009Senate Deferred to another day, Passed S.J. 543 N/A   
02/25/2009Senate Do Pass Amended, Passed, YEAS 35, NAYS 0. S.J. 562 Audio Available0:43:11 
03/02/2009Signed by the Speaker H.J. 592 N/A   
03/03/2009Signed by the President S.J. 599 N/A   
03/04/2009Delivered to the Governor on March 04, 2009 H.J. 643 N/A   
03/06/2009Signed by the Governor on March 05, 2009 H.J. 674 N/A   

Bill Text Versions

01/28/2009 IntroducedIntroduced
02/09/2009 House JudiciaryHouse Judiciary
03/02/2009 EnrolledEnrolled

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