House Bill 1169


clarify certain provisions regarding the contractor's excise tax for isolated or occasional realty improvements.

Representatives Turbiville, Brunner, DeVries, Elliott, Gosch, Krebs, Miles, Peters, and Street and Senators Lintz, Albers, Duenwald, Garnos, and Hauge

01/15/2008First read in House and referred to House Taxation H.J. 132 N/A   
01/17/2008Scheduled for hearing N/A   
01/22/2008Scheduled for hearing Audio Available2:55.0 
01/22/2008Taxation Hoghoused, Passed Amendment 1169jb Audio Available2:55.0 
01/22/2008Taxation Do Pass Amended, Passed, YEAS 15, NAYS 0. H.J. 188 Audio Available2:55.0 
01/22/2008Taxation Title amended, Passed Amendment 1169jta Audio Available2:55.0 
01/24/2008House of Representatives Deferred to another day, Passed H.J. 259 N/A   
01/25/2008House of Representatives Deferred to another day, Passed H.J. 272 N/A   
01/28/2008House of Representatives Do Pass Amended, Passed, YEAS 47, NAYS 21. H.J. 289 Audio Available1:18:31 
01/29/2008First read in Senate and referred to Senate Taxation S.J. 251 N/A   
02/11/2008Scheduled for hearing Audio Available33:41 
02/11/2008Taxation Deferred to the 36th legislative day, Passed, YEAS 7, NAYS 1. S.J. 392 Audio Available33:41 

Bill Text Versions

01/15/2008 IntroducedIntroduced
01/22/2008 House TaxationHouse Taxation

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