House Bill 1174


revise certain provisions concerning how stop lamps shall be mounted and displayed on vehicles and trailers.

02/02/2017First read in House and referred to House Transportation H.J. 271 N/A   
02/14/2017Scheduled for hearing Audio Available34:48 
02/14/2017Transportation Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 12, NAYS 0. H.J. 383 Audio Available34:48 
02/14/2017Placed on consent, Passed Audio Available34:48 
02/15/2017House of Representatives Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 64, NAYS 0. H.J. 406 N/A   
02/16/2017First read in Senate and referred to Senate Transportation S.J. 415 N/A   
02/24/2017Scheduled for hearing Audio Available11:20 
02/24/2017Transportation Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 5, NAYS 0. S.J. 552 Audio Available11:20 
02/24/2017Placed on consent, Passed Audio Available11:20 
02/27/2017Senate Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 32, NAYS 0. S.J. 574 N/A   
02/28/2017Signed by the Speaker H.J. 582 N/A   
03/01/2017Signed by the President S.J. 608 N/A   
03/06/2017Delivered to the Governor on March 02, 2017 H.J. 675 N/A   
03/07/2017Signed by the Governor on March 06, 2017 H.J. 682 N/A   

Bill Text Versions

02/02/2017 IntroducedIntroduced
02/28/2017 EnrolledEnrolled

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