House Bill 1218


require certain notice procedures for any revision of municipal ordinances.

Representatives Harrison, Conzet, Langer, Partridge, Schoenbeck, Solum, Stalzer, and Zikmund and Senators Brown, Ewing, Fiegen, and Vehle

02/04/2016First read in House and referred to House Local Government H.J. 284 N/A   
02/23/2016Scheduled for hearing Audio Available7:00 
02/23/2016Local Government Motion to amend, Passed Amendment 1218jb Audio Available7:00 
02/23/2016Local Government Do Pass Amended, Passed, YEAS 13, NAYS 0. H.J. 630 Audio Available7:00 
02/24/2016House of Representatives Do Pass Amended, Passed, YEAS 67, NAYS 0. H.J. 686 Audio Available4:13:58 
02/25/2016First read in Senate and referred to Senate Local Government S.J. 453 N/A   
03/02/2016Scheduled for hearing Audio Available19:22 
03/02/2016Local Government Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 7, NAYS 0. S.J. 500 Audio Available19:22 
03/02/2016Placed on consent, Passed Audio Available19:22 
03/03/2016Remove from Consent Calendar S.J. 525 N/A   
03/07/2016Senate Do Pass Amended, Passed, YEAS 33, NAYS 0. S.J. 549 Audio Available47:05 
03/09/2016Signed by the Speaker H.J. 845 N/A   
03/09/2016Signed by the President S.J. 591 N/A   
03/10/2016Delivered to the Governor on March 10, 2016 H.J. 860 N/A   
03/29/2016Signed by the Governor on March 25, 2016 H.J. 881 N/A   

Bill Text Versions

02/04/2016 IntroducedIntroduced
02/23/2016 House Local GovernmentHouse Local Government
03/08/2016 EnrolledEnrolled

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