Senate Bill 179


increase general funding for school districts, to impose a temporary limit on the growth of state general fund spending, and to suspend the transfer of moneys from the general fund to the budget reserve fund, and to the property tax reduction fund.

Senators Kloucek, Hanson (Gary), and Hoerth and Representatives Feinstein, Burg, Gassman, Gillespie, Nygaard, Thompson, and Van Norman

01/23/2008First read in Senate and referred to Senate Education S.J. 188 N/A   
01/29/2008Scheduled for hearing Audio Available1:00:47 
01/29/2008Education Tabled, Passed, YEAS 7, NAYS 0. S.J. 246 Audio Available1:00:47 

Bill Text Versions

01/23/2008 IntroducedIntroduced

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