Senate Bill 233


create the critical teaching needs scholarship program, to make an appropriation to the education enhancement trust fund to provide for the annual funding of the scholarships, and to declare an emergency.

01/28/2013First read in Senate and referred to Senate Education S.J. 244 N/A   
02/05/2013Scheduled for hearing Audio Available1:03:20 
02/05/2013Education Motion to amend, Passed Amendment 233cb Audio Available1:03:20 
02/05/2013Education Referred as Amended to Senate Appropriations, Passed, YEAS 7, NAYS 0. S.J. 321 Audio Available1:03:20 
02/05/2013Education Title amended, Passed Amendment 233cta Audio Available1:03:20 
02/13/2013Scheduled for hearing Audio Available1:05:15 
02/14/2013Scheduled for hearing N/A   
02/19/2013Appropriations Motion to amend, Passed Amendment 233da Audio Available53:15 
02/19/2013Appropriations Do Pass Amended, Passed, YEAS 8, NAYS 0. S.J. 464 Audio Available53:15 
02/19/2013Scheduled for hearing Audio Available53:15 
02/20/2013Senate Do Pass Amended, Passed, YEAS 29, NAYS 4. S.J. 503 Audio Available2:47:51 
02/21/2013First read in House and referred to House Education H.J. 481 N/A   
02/27/2013Scheduled for hearing Audio Available1:20:31 
02/27/2013Referred to House Appropriations, Passed, YEAS 12, NAYS 3. H.J. 567 Audio Available1:20:31 
03/04/2013Appropriations Motion to amend, Passed Amendment 233ma Audio Available1:29:08 
03/04/2013Appropriations Do Pass Amended, Passed, YEAS 7, NAYS 2. H.J. 686 Audio Available1:29:08 
03/04/2013Scheduled for hearing Audio Available1:29:08 
03/05/2013House of Representatives Motion to amend, Passed H.J. 729 Amendment 233mb Audio Available3:38:32 
03/05/2013House of Representatives Do Pass Amended, Passed, YEAS 51, NAYS 18. H.J. 729 Audio Available3:38:32 
03/05/2013House of Representatives Title amended, Passed H.J. 730 Amendment 233mtb Audio Available3:38:32 
03/07/2013Senate Concurred in amendments, Passed, YEAS 35, NAYS 0. S.J. 723 Audio Available21:56 
03/08/2013Signed by the President S.J. 745 N/A   
03/08/2013Delivered to the Governor on March 08, 2013 S.J. 754 N/A   
03/08/2013Signed by the Speaker H.J. 838 N/A   
03/25/2013Signed by the Governor on March 20, 2013 S.J. 757 N/A   

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