Senate Bill 87


revise certain provisions regarding the lawful possession of firearms in certain locations.

Senators Monroe, Ewing, Kolbeck, Nelson, Netherton, Otten (Ernie), and Youngberg and Representatives Gosch, Campbell, Kaiser, Rounds, and Zikmund

01/18/2018First read in Senate and referred to Senate Judiciary S.J. 134 N/A   
01/23/2018Scheduled for hearing Audio Available1:09:29 
01/23/2018Judiciary Motion to amend, Passed Amendment 87wb Audio Available1:09:29 
01/25/2018Scheduled for hearing Audio Available38:18 
01/25/2018Judiciary Do Pass Amended, Passed, YEAS 4, NAYS 2. S.J. 237 Audio Available38:18 
01/31/2018Senate Motion to amend, Passed S.J. 304 Amendment 87wc Audio Available42:55 
01/31/2018Senate Do Pass Amended, Failed, YEAS 16, NAYS 19. S.J. 305 Audio Available42:55 

Bill Text Versions

01/18/2018 IntroducedIntroduced
01/25/2018 Senate JudiciarySenate Judiciary

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