House Concurrent Resolution 1019


Urging South Dakota school districts and the South Dakota High School Activities Association to reexamine travel policies for high school athletic activities.

Representatives Lucas, Deadrick, and Lange and Senators Kloucek, Ahlers, and Hundstad

03/09/2009Introduced H.J. 715 N/A   
03/10/2009House of Representatives Adopt Resolution, Passed, YEAS 61, NAYS 8. H.J. 738 N/A   
03/11/2009Introduced S.J. 726 N/A   
03/12/2009Senate Concurred in Resolution, Failed, YEAS 11, NAYS 23. S.J. 752 N/A   

Bill Text Versions

03/09/2009 IntroducedIntroduced

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