House Joint Resolution 5001


To apply for a convention of states under Article V of the Constitution of the United States to impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and to limit the terms of office for federal officials and members of Congress.

01/29/2020First Reading House H.J. 83 N/A   
01/29/2020Fiscal Note Requested H.J. 84 N/A   
01/30/2020Introduced and referred to House State Affairs H.J. 105 N/A   
02/07/2020Scheduled for hearing Audio Available12:55 
02/10/2020Scheduled for hearing Audio Available1:06 
02/10/2020State Affairs Do Pass, Passed, YEAS 7, NAYS 6Audio Available1:06 
02/11/2020House of Representatives Deferred to another day, Passed H.J. 261 N/A   
02/12/2020House of Representatives Do Pass, Failed, YEAS 32, NAYS 37. H.J. 273 Audio Available1:17:25 

Bill Text Versions

01/29/2020 IntroducedIntroduced

Possible Amendments

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