2020 House Bill 1278 - Introduced

SDLRC - 2020 House Bill 1278 - SD Legislature create a dementia services coordinator position within the Department of Human Services.

20.729.11 95th Legislative Session 767

2020 South Dakota Legislature

House Bill 1278

Introduced by: Representative Duba

An Act to create a dementia services coordinator position within the Department of Human Services.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of South Dakota:

Section 1. That a NEW SECTION be added:

1-36A-31. Dementia services coordinator--Duties.

There is created within the Department of Human Services a dementia services coordinator position. The position is a full-time, permanent position appointed by the secretary of human services. The duties and responsibilities of the coordinator shall include the following:

(1) Facilitating coordination and support of policies and programs relating to Alzheimer's disease and other dementias within the Department of Human Services, the Department of Health, all other agencies of the executive branch of state government, and the Legislature;

(2) Facilitating ongoing implementation of the state Alzheimer's plan, the triennial update of the plan, and an annual progress report on the implementation of the plan;

(3) Facilitating and supporting the coordination of outreach programs and services among agencies, memory disorder facilities, and other interested groups for the purpose of fostering public awareness and education on Alzheimer's disease and related dementias;

(4) Facilitating coordination of services and activities among groups interested in dementia research, programs, and services, including service providers, advocacy groups, legal services, emergency personnel, law enforcement, and state colleges and universities;

(5) Assessing and analyzing data related to the impact of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias in the state;

(6) Evaluating state-funded dementia services;

(7) Identifying and supporting the development of dementia-specific training; and

(8) Identifying a minimum of one new viable funding opportunity, such as a federal grant or a private funding source, each year to benefit persons with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias and their families.

There is hereby appropriated from the general fund the sum of one dollar ($1), or so much thereof as may be necessary, to the Department of Human Services, for the purpose of funding the Dementia Services Coordinator position.

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