2009 House Commemoration 1013 - Enrolled


Introduced by:     Representatives Gibson, Blake, Boomgarden, Brunner, Burg, Cutler, Fargen, Feinstein, Frerichs, Gosch, Hamiel, Hoffman, Hunhoff (Bernie), Iron Cloud III, Kirschman, Kopp, Krebs, Lange, Lucas, Moser, Novstrup (David), Pitts, Rave, Schlekeway, Sly, Sorenson, Steele, Street, Thompson, Turbiville, Van Gerpen, Vanderlinde, Vanneman, and Verchio and Senators Hansen (Tom), Abdallah, Bradford, Dempster, Gillespie, Heidepriem, Maher, Miles, Peterson, Rhoden, and Tieszen

         A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION,  Commending and honoring Joanne Groves, a member of the Huron School District Board, on her selection as the 2008-2009 Outstanding School Board Member of South Dakota.

     WHEREAS,  Joanne Groves has served her community and state in many ways such as eighteen years on the Huron School Board, serving as board president and as vice president as well as president of the Association School Boards of South Dakota board of directors for two terms; and

     WHEREAS,  Joanne Groves has worked diligently to promote high expectations and achievement levels for all students; the training, hiring, and retention of high quality staff; and the involvement, communication, and partnership with the Board of Education of all patrons, agencies, and businesses in setting the vision and goals of K-12 education in the Huron community and the Associated School Boards of South Dakota; and

     WHEREAS,  Joanne Groves, as a servant leader, has freely given of her personal time, resources, and talents in support of K-12 education statewide while maintaining a focus on the best interests of the children of the Huron community and she pursues that child centered focus with integrity and devotion:

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED,  by the Eighty-fourth Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that during 2009 Mrs. Joanne Groves of Huron, South Dakota, is hereby the official representative of the state and shall continue in her efforts to seek improvement of educational opportunities for the youth of our state.

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