2019 Senate Commemoration 33 - Printed

State of South Dakota  


Introduced by:    Senators Cronin, Bolin, Curd, Ewing, Foster, Greenfield (Brock), Jensen (Phil), Kennedy, Klumb, Kolbeck, Langer, Nelson, Nesiba, Novstrup, Partridge, Stalzer, Sutton, Wiik, and Wismer and Representatives Peterson (Kent), Chase, Duvall, and Qualm

        A LEGISLATIVE COMMEMORATION, Honoring Cammack Ranch as the 2018 Leopold Conservation Award recipient.

    WHEREAS, the Leopold Conservation Award, named for renowned conservationist Aldo Leopold, recognizes farm and ranch families who demonstrate outstanding conservation leadership on their land and in their communities; and

    WHEREAS,  a commitment to the health of South Dakota's natural resources is exemplified by Cammack Ranch as the recipient of the 2018 Leopold Conservation Award; and

    WHEREAS, Cammack Ranch is eleven thousand acres managed with natural resource conservation practices so that soil, grass, cattle, wildlife, and a family legacy all thrive; and

    WHEREAS, Gary and Amy Cammack are living their dream owning a ranch, believing "the health of the range and the vitality of the wildlife population is a barometer of how well you'll do in the ranching business"; and

    WHEREAS, Gary and Amy Cammack have instilled in their four sons that "the effects of our conservation efforts, or lack thereof, will be evident one hundred years from now" and planned for the ranch's legacy to continue through their generation and those succeeding:

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT COMMEMORATED, by the Ninety-Fourth Legislature of the State of South Dakota, that Cammack Ranch is recognized for earning the 2018 Leopold Conservation Award in South Dakota.

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