2015 Keyword - Legislature and Statutes

HB 1034repeal certain outdated and unnecessary statutes related to the Wind Energy Competitive Advisory Task Force. 
HB 1036codify legislation enacted in 2014. 
HB 1086establish the Economic Contingencies Work Group to ascertain the effects of a significant and extended national economic crisis on South Dakota. 
HB 1145revise certain provisions regarding the payment of salary and compensation to legislators. 
HB 1149revise certain provisions regarding the setting of the salary of legislators. 
HB 1150provide for the annual adjustment of the salary of legislators. 
HB 1175prohibit legislation relating to initiated measures for one year after the measure is decided or enacted. 
HB 1198require legislative approval for certain academic assessments. 
HB 1203provide for a state assessment and report on the effects of implementing the Clean Air Act. 
HB 1210prohibit certain meetings of a Legislative committee. 
SB 2provide for the establishment of river basin natural resource districts. 
SB 71continue the Jolene's Law Task Force for an additional year, revise the membership of the task force, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 84limit the authority of delegates to a limited Article V convention to vote for unauthorized amendments contrary to legislative instructions and to provide a civil fine for the violation thereof. 
SB 105provide Legislators access to the state capitol complex tunnel system. 
SB 113revise certain provisions regarding the fiscal impact statements prepared for legislation that impacts state prison or county jail populations. 
SB 134prohibit minor boundary changes for one year, to establish the school district boundary task force, and to declare an emergency. 
SB 137revise certain provisions regarding the term of the Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council. 
SB 162permit certain legislators to carry concealed firearms in the State Capitol Building under certain conditions 
SB 168establish a task force to study elder abuse in South Dakota. 
SB 170increase legislator salary. 
SB 192permit the sergeant-at-arms to carry concealed firearms in the state capitol building under certain conditions. 
SB 193provide for an annual evaluation of state government agencies and require a report. 

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