2015 Keyword - Public Health and Safety

HB 1056revise certain provisions regarding the Department of Agriculture. 
HB 1057make an appropriation to reimburse certain eligible health care professionals who have complied with the requirements of the rural health care facility recruitment assistance program and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1058revise certain provisions regarding contagious disease control quarantine measures. 
HB 1059allow authorized entities to access immunization information in certain circumstances. 
HB 1060make an appropriation to reimburse certain family physicians, dentists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who have complied with the requirements of the recruitment assistance program and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1067establish maximum reproduction costs for medical records. 
HB 1079revise the deadline for the Department of Health's annual report regarding abortions. 
HB 1080authorize the use of investigational treatments for patients under certain conditions and to restrict certain causes of action arising from investigational treatment. 
HB 1083require reimbursement to certain entities for fire suppression and extinguishment costs. 
HB 1089ban the practice of female genital mutilation in the state, to provide a penalty therefor, and to declare an emergency. 
HB 1130prohibit an abortion provider from accepting payment for an abortion prior to the end of the required informed consent period. 
HB 1138revise the penalty for the failure to wear a properly adjusted and fastened safety seat belt system in a passenger vehicle. 
HB 1151improve public safety through confidential stress management services for emergency service providers. 
HB 1155require that information be provided to a pregnant mother whose child tests positive for Down syndrome. 
HB 1156prohibit the performance of abortions due to Down syndrome and to provide a penalty therefor. 
HB 1166prohibit the use of tanning devices by minors. 
HB 1169accommodate legislation on medical services. 
HB 1214require all bicyclists on a highway to wear fluorescent or reflective garments. 
HB 1229revise provisions related to the release of medical waste. 
HB 1230affirm the sanctity of human life. 
SB 14provide for the possession and administration of opioid antagonists by first responders for the treatment of drug overdoses. 
SB 38revise certain provisions concerning the state communications system and the South Dakota law enforcement telecommunications system. 
SB 39make an appropriation for costs related to disasters in the state and to declare an emergency. 
SB 45revise certain provisions relating to the sale of unpasteurized raw milk. 
SB 48revise certain provisions pertaining to the operation of personal watercraft. 
SB 60provide newborn screening of inherited and genetic disorders. 
SB 61place certain substances on the controlled substances schedule and to declare an emergency. 
SB 62increase certain license fees for food service, lodging, and campground establishments.  
SB 63adopt the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. 
SB 74restrict the use of fireworks that frighten livestock or leave debris on private property. 
SB 138eliminate an exemption for single-family homes regarding certain asbestos removal provisions. 
SB 141accommodate legislation on medical services. 
SB 161allow certain fireworks to be used all year. 
SB 169provide medical care for certain unborn children. 

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