2015 Keyword - Debtor and Creditor

HB 1027revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of certain money lending activities. 
HB 1040revise the statute of frauds within the uniform commercial code with respect to the sale of pulse crops. 
HB 1099revise certain provisions related to transferable interests in limited liability partnerships. 
HB 1111increase the costs and expenses considered reasonable for the collection of certain dishonored checks. 
HB 1128protect certain homestead exemption interests during sale of homestead or separation of owners. 
HB 1129revise the property exempt from process in bankruptcy cases. 
HB 1209revise certain provisions relating to changes in terms of credit card agreements. 
SB 59establish the state debt collection office. 
SB 158expand certain licensing exemptions regarding money lenders and mortgage lenders. 
SB 182revise the rate of interest for late payment of certain taxes. 

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