2015 Keyword - Public Officers and Employees

HB 1007revise and update certain provisions relating to the South Dakota Retirement System. 
HB 1008provide for a consistent refund methodology for members of the South Dakota Retirement System and their beneficiaries. 
HB 1009limit the recovery of certain overpayments made by the South Dakota Retirement System. 
HB 1010revise certain provisions relating to disability and surviving spouse benefits for members of the South Dakota Retirement System. 
HB 1011provide for automatic increases in the accounts of automatically-enrolled participants of the deferred compensation plan of the South Dakota Retirement System. 
HB 1023prohibit a state officer or employee from having an interest in any contract that the state employee or officer approved, awarded, or administered for one calendar year following termination of state employment. 
HB 1048revise certain provisions regarding state hosting and employee reimbursement policies. 
HB 1064prohibit unlawful self-dealing by state officers and employees. 
HB 1085revise certain provisions regarding the requirement for performance securities. 
HB 1091require that the minutes of meetings of any state board or commission include a record of how each individual member voted on certain motions. 
HB 1106establish the rights of municipal, county, or township officers in certain decision-making processes. 
HB 1135expand certain bonding provisions regarding local government officials and employees. 
HB 1149revise certain provisions regarding the setting of the salary of legislators. 
HB 1150provide for the annual adjustment of the salary of legislators. 
HB 1153expand the definition of teleconference to include certain meetings conducted through electronic text colloquy and to require the retention of certain records of text colloquy meetings for public inspection. 
HB 1154limit the amount that may be charged for certain document requests. 
HB 1164require that certain employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs be veterans. 
HB 1167authorize municipalities, counties, and school districts to post certain information on the internet in addition to or in lieu of certain publication requirements. 
SB 9revise certain provisions regarding the transfer of funds administered by the state investment officer. 
SB 11restore the chief agent of the Division of Criminal Investigation to a former position under certain circumstances. 
SB 32revise certain provisions regarding veteran's preference for all veterans who are United States citizens who seek employment with the state, a county, or a municipality. 
SB 87revise the circumstances creating a vacancy in municipal office. 
SB 90require school districts to provide veterans a preference in employment. 
SB 116authorize the county coroner to charge a fee for certain autopsy reports. 
SB 137revise certain provisions regarding the term of the Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council. 
SB 154require that certain employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs be veterans. 

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