2019 Keyword - Elections

HB 1008revise certain provisions regarding the required notice for biennial state political party conventions. 
HB 1025revise certain provisions regarding voter registration. 
HB 1026revise certain provisions regarding petitions, notices, and statements of convention nominees and certifications of party officials. 
HB 1027revise certain provisions regarding vote centers and precinct workers. 
HB 1091provide for the selection of a lieutenant governor by a candidate for governor. 
HB 1092revise certain provisions regarding campaign finance disclosure reports. 
HB 1093establish legal standards applicable to petition challenges. 
HB 1094revise certain programs regarding transparency of the petition circulation process. 
HB 1097repeal provisions regarding certain disclosures on campaign communications. 
HB 1098revise provisions regarding publication of official ballots in a legal newspaper. 
HB 1115revise certain provisions regarding local referendums. 
HB 1129revise provisions regarding residency of registered voters. 
HB 1136repeal provisions regarding legislative districts. 
HB 1143revise provisions regarding contribution limits to political action committees. 
HB 1157revise provisions regarding challenges to candidate nominating petitions. 
HB 1178revise provisions regarding the beginning period for absentee voting. 
HB 1189provide for a period to cure certain campaign finance violations. 
SB 7revise certain provisions regarding prohibited activities near polling places. 
SB 75revise certain provisions regarding who is eligible to serve as a candidate in the event of a vacancy. 
SB 76allow a candidate for legislative or county office to be considered for nomination to statewide office. 
SB 77revise provisions regarding candidates running for office. 
SB 82revise provisions regarding election of officers for rural electric cooperatives 
SB 90revise provisions regarding certain financial interest statements filed by persons elected to state or local office. 
SB 92revise certain provisions regarding the signature requirements for municipal elections. 
SB 100reduce the number of petition signatures required for conservation district supervisor elections. 
SB 114attribute campaign contributions by certain minors to their parents. 
SB 139prohibit the publication of false information in certain political advertisements. 
SB 157revise and repeal certain provisions regarding petitions for ballot measures. 
SB 162require that local government bond elections be held in conjunction with the primary or general election in even-numbered years. 
SB 170revise certain provisions regarding local referendums. 

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