2019 Keyword - Motor Vehicles

HB 1042exempt law enforcement from the requirements to be licensed as commercial drivers. 
HB 1049revise certain provisions regarding driving after consuming certain drugs or substances. 
HB 1054revise certain provisions regarding the possession of firearms on certain vehicles. 
HB 1059revise certain provisions regarding vehicle dealer licensing. 
HB 1068authorize the Transportation Commission to promulgate rules to allow certain motor vehicles to follow another motor vehicle on a state highway more closely than otherwise permitted by law. 
HB 1088prohibit the use of certain electronic devices while driving. 
HB 1102establish certain provisions regarding fairness in repairs of equipment sold or used in this state. 
HB 1103establish a lemon law for certain farm machinery. 
HB 1114revise provisions regarding state-owned motor vehicles. 
HB 1117establish immunity from liability for injuries to or the death of a person engaged in off-road vehicle activity under certain circumstances. 
HB 1118revise provisions regarding excise taxes on the purchase price of motor vehicles. 
HB 1142revise certain provisions regarding motor vehicle license plates. 
HB 1164revise certain provisions regarding the operation of vehicles upon the approach of authorized emergency vehicles. 
HB 1173permit the possession of firearms by certain employees. 
HB 1181create a habitat conservation emblem specialty plate. 
HB 1216increase certain civil penalties for fleeing from police. 
HB 1217prohibit the endangerment of any child by means of driving under the influence and to provide a penalty therefor. 
SB 10update references to certain federal motor carrier regulations. 
SB 11revise certain provisions regarding the granting of work permits to minors who refuse to submit to chemical analyses. 
SB 12revise certain provisions pertaining to the disqualification of commercial driver license holders for failure to consent to chemical analyses. 
SB 25revise the authority of Department of Revenue special agents. 
SB 57revise certain provisions regarding the ability to obtain title to unclaimed motor vehicles with unpaid repair bills. 
SB 93revise certain provisions regarding instruction and restricted driving permits. 
SB 94revise provisions regarding rule-making authority to establish certain fuel standards. 
SB 110revise provisions regarding adjustments to the motor fuel tax fund balance. 
SB 117authorize Spanish to be used in the process of issuing certain driver licenses and permits. 
SB 121revise certain provisions regarding manufacturers' warranties for motor vehicles to include all-terrain vehicles. 
SB 129exempt motor vehicles owned by licensed ambulance services from certain motor vehicle registration fees. 
SB 145revise provisions regarding the vesting of title to a removal agency. 
SB 168revise certain provisions regarding emblem specialty plate stickers. 
SB 187define electric bicycles and to provide for the regulation of electric bicycles. 

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