2019 Keyword - Employee

HB 1009revise certain provisions regarding state employment. 
HB 1010recodify, to make certain form and style changes, to clarify, and to repeal certain provisions related to the South Dakota Retirement System. 
HB 1011revise certain provisions relating to the South Dakota Retirement System. 
HB 1013require criminal background investigations for certain vital records employees. 
HB 1034revise certain provisions regarding unemployment insurance contribution rates. 
HB 1173permit the possession of firearms by certain employees. 
HB 1241establish certain provisions regarding training for human trafficking prevention. 
SB 39prohibit the state employment of certain relatives. 
SB 120modify the time period allowable for certain covenants not to compete. 
SB 148provide for state employee protection from retaliation for certain communications. 

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